Monday, June 05, 2006

Top 10 Favorite Items of the Day:
(Keep in mind this is just a list of today's favorite)

10. A new book to start this evening.

9. Glade air freshner new scent: Hawaiian

8. 2 new Chairs on the front porch that my Daddy bought me, the perfect height (tall) to sit in and see over the front shrubs and into the yard & cul de sac!

7. The treadmill, that really does make me feel like I've done something worthwhile today when I use it!

6. Long round squishy pillo
w that makes my back feel so much better when I sit in this office chair in my office/scrappy room way too long ~

5. The tanning bed, because without going to the lake (not one single time so far this summer/spring) I'd be pasty white- ick!

4. TV which is keeping me totally entertained with useless junk...for example the Discovery channel show on "Graceland" that I watched with way too much excitement earlier today.

3. The
$5 clearance HUGE pillow I bought at KMART about 4 or 5 months ago. Had it laying behind the chair in the living use if we had too many people over and someone needed to sit on it in the floor. I finally got it out and layed it at the door to my scrappy room/office and Gizmo is eternally thankful! He LOVES it!!!

2. The brand spankin' new DVD recorder we got at Target for just $88 earlier this evening. We didn't have one that records and I'm sooooo excited!!!

1. My laptop which lets me waste hours daily, keep informed on current events, find all sorts of answers to life's questions (or my wierd ones anyway), keep in touch with friends and share all of this exciting stuff with yall'...


Larilyn said...

Ha ha ha....Hawaiian breeze!!!!

I have used that in my office for about a year now, and the kids the first week asked what it was. I answered Hawaiian breeze, but did a little hula motion while I did it.

To this day, whenever they walk in my office (especially when I put in a new one, since it's more noticable), they do the hula and singsong, "Hawaaaaaiiiiiaaaaaan breeeeeeeeeze...." It's funny.

monica said...

So it's not new? What can I say?? I'm behind. I'm normally a cinammon apple kinda girl, but love this now!! It's so spring/summer-ish! I'm a handle freak and burn them all the time too!

Larilyn said...

Nope, not new....but hey, at least you catch up! ;)

Traci said...

You burn "handles"? Damn I better keep all my "handles" away from you then! LOL!