Saturday, March 06, 2010

What I've been doing . . .
Written by : Cole

I have been very busy the past few weeks. I learned to crawl and I can do it really fast. It makes my Mommy say "no, no, stop" alot these days. It's really funny when she says that and I laugh at her, then she grabs me and puts me back in the pile of toys in that big room where the TV is. I can go back to where I was very fast though, Mommy is just silly. See that rug with bowls on the other side of the table? They belong to that furry guy that says "ruff ruff" really loud, he stays locked in the room with Mommy & Daddy's bed a lot these days. Mommy says he's "old and grumpy", but I LOVE that guy! Oh those bowls, one has WATER in it. Have you felt of that stuff before? I like to play in it, but that makes Mommy say "no, no, no, no" a lot. Then I have to change clothes. Sometimes she puts the bowl far away, but when I'm lucky she forgets!!

See this guy? Granny calls him Grand Daddy, but Mommy calls him Grumpy. He is a very funny guy. He calls me Peanut. He will do ANYTHING I want, I just have to show him or let him know. If I fuss, he takes me on walks anywhere I want to go. I love this guy!!

These are whatcha call balloons! Have you seen them? They are wonderful. I had some at that Disney World place, but had to leave them behind. A few weeks ago Mommy bought me three of my very own. I love them so much and spend hours playing with them. They are so neat. If you shake that ribbon, they dance!!!! When they get squishy, I can squeeze 'em some and they make a crinkly sound. They are not floating very good anymore, so yesterday Mommy took me to a very special store she calls "dollar tree" and bought me two more!

This is my "turn that light off" face. I'm not grouchy at all, I like mornings. I can now stand up in my bed and bang, bang, bang on the rail there until Mommy or Daddy come get me. I give 'em a big ole smile. The light is bright when they turn it on though and then Mommy flashes that picture thing in my face, so I'm NOT grouchy... I just can't see Lady!!

*Edit: My Mommy said to tell you that the bed is lowered now from when the photo was taken. This was one of the first few days I learned the trick of pulling up on my knees in there. Now I pull up on everything, I don't like to sit down, ever! I stand in my bed and bang bang on the top. Mommy says that soon it will be lowered again.*

I made these Valentine's for Granny, Grumpy and Great Grandmother. Mommy put squishy white stuff on my hand and I didn't like it at all!

This is my loot from Valentine's Day from Mommy & Daddy. Those blocks are so fun for Mommy & Daddy to build towers with, then I get to knock 'em down. The God Bless book has pictures of me, Mommy, Daddy and Granny & Grumpy in it! I have my own music and a book about Noah and a silly monkey.

This is one of my favorite toys and me being a guy they call "Colezilla"

Sometimes I like to help Mommy with the clothes. I don't know what she does, I think she just puts 'em in piles and plays with them.

Guess what I found this week??? It's wonderful. It's in that purple room where I take a bath. It has water inside, makes a swirly swooshy sound and has a shiny handle on it. I really like this thing. When I found it Mommy went crazy "no, no, yuck, gross, COLE". I don't know what the fuss was about. Since then though, I can't find that thing anymore. There is a door that keeps me outta there.

This is a great thing, it's a window door. It use to have a curtain on it and I yanked that thing down a few times, it was in the way! Finally Mommy took the hint and left it off. Now I can see my other furry friend, her name is Millie and she loves me. She licks me when I go out there, I like to watch her. When I bang on this window door though, she runs down the stairs. I think she's a little scared of me.....

This is when Mommy & I roll and roll in the floor. She tosses me around and tickles me, I like it alot. Then she grabs that flashy picture thing, as always.....

I went to this guys birthday, his name is Tanner and he's my cousin. He is WILD, he is gonna teach me alot of stuff...I just know it. He just turned 2. (I snuck a bite of cake at this guys party, shhhh don't tell anyone though)

At that guys birthday, they had bubbles. I get bored when Mommy blows them. At this party though, they had them EVERYWHERE. Like a machine... I like that a lot. I want one of those machines. I like parties.

This girl is Layla, she is my cousin too. She is 4 now and she use to like to hold me really tight and want me to be still. What is SHE thinking?? She had a party too, I love parties! I think she may try to tell me what to do when I'm bigger, good luck with that girl! She wanted a mermaid outfit for her birthday, a tiara and a game. She gave her "order" to my Mommy, she even told her where to shop. We "hooked her up" and now she is a beautiful mermaid!

This guy is Jack, he's my cousin too and he's smaller than I am. I like to touch his hands. Everyone says "gentle, gentle, easy" when I head for him, I don't know why. He's a tuff' guy, I wouldn't hurt him. I see him on Sundays too, he's in my Sunday School class with those sweet ladies who kiss kiss kiss and love love love me. They NEVER put me down, but shhhh don't tell Mommy that.

I have found the coolest things in the big room where we eat. They are spoons. BIG GIANT spoons, I guess they are for a giant. No giants live here, so I play with them. They bang, bang stuff and I like it. One day I took one with me all day. I even took it to the bathtub because I wouldn't let that thing go!

Oh yeah and we went to the mall to see the picture people. I love the mall, I have a cool ride and everyone waves, smiles and talks to me. I "flirt" Mommy says, but I'm just a friendly guy and want to spread the love. The picture people girls were so funny and they said I was "so easy" and happy, they don't know I'm use to that picture stuff. I just smile and Mommy snaps away. It's no big deal and makes her happy. They also took my clothes off and took NAKED pictures of me with a tub and my bath toys. Can you believe that?? Surely Mommy wont put those here for the world to see, how embarrassing!

As you see we're busy at our house. We also had white stuff fall from the sky AND we go to a place they call they park that I LOVE alot these days. I'll tell ya about that later. It's time for a nap right now..... Thanks for stopping by.