Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Top 5 Products of the Day:

Yes, I'm down to 5 for today.
It's late, I'm tired and I need a life!

5. This book, I finished the other one. Now I'm onto
this one, it's the last one in this series until the next one comes out later this month.

4.Watermelon. I always pick terrible ones, I hate that. Today though, I hit the mother to speak. I picked a great one! The "wee one" I keep & I ate it for lunch. (Ok, not all of it...but we ate alot!) YUMMY!!

3. My new mouse. Ok, I've had it a few weeks now. This isn't it actually
either. I was sick of the little one on the lap top and I bought a new wireless one. It's awesome! It changes colors all the time. It has lights inside and it changes from red, blue, purple, green, orange, pink and yellow all the time...lit up! It's pretty darn neat!! And it makes life easier~

2. Our treadmill. I am back to walking 2 miles every day, I had quit there at the end of school when things got nutty. I feel pretty good about it too, it's not super far..but it's moving! Andy runs 7 almost every day, grrrr... BUT... I'm moving. Let me continue to confess... I've gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks, since school ended. I'm so upset about it....before the cruise too, GEESH! (Remember I lost 30 last summer & fall) I still have 30 more to loose and that gained really makes me sad. So... I must start moving more during the day, sitting in front of this thing on my rump isn't working out to well. Ok...vent over- It's my blog .... I can whine if I wanta!

1. Yep, red luggage! (Did I spell that right? It looks odd!) Anyhow... We got it last May, for our first cruise (the 2 week adventure to Disney & cruising) We have the whole set and boy has it come in handy! I am thankful that it's sitting...packed...waiting to be zipped and ready to go. It reminds me that we're headed OUTTA here and I'm so excited!! I bought black ribbon with white polka dots to tie around it. WHY? B/C a very fiesty woman tried to steal our luggage at the claim area last trip. I had to show her TWICE that our names were on the tags. Then I had to argue with the porter who thought I was being a bully. Geesh! So.... I bought this ribbon (so it'll all be UGA colors mind you!) to tie around it. I'm gonna wrap it around twice; horizontal and vertical and tie a big ole bow. Yep, silly...but it'll be ours obviously. Now that, you'll have wait to see!!


Larilyn said...

See, now THAT is why I bought hot pink luggage. No one else has it. ;)

monica said...

I WANTED hot pink luggage!!!!!! I saw it at 2 places, Andy had a FIT~ He has traveling to Vegas & the Desert on a 3 week trip and was using it. My wants were shot down! Target has some pink, white and black: Isaac what's his's nice too!

Ker-Bear said...

I love your blog topics!

I could do pink luggage. I should buy some for Emily. mwhahahahaha

monica said...

That I'm ridiculously boring and have nothing better to talk about:) Yeah, yeah, yeah... I need a rolling eyes smilie here- Glad ya keep reading!

Traci said...

I like your red luggage, that's nice.

My luggage has a certain mouse on it, so not many people can claim that. LOL!