Monday, January 03, 2011

A chatty 19 month old.

Cole has been jabbering and babbling from very early, just like his Mommy. He’s always talked in the car more than anywhere and he even talks in his sleep. We wondered if we’d ever be able to understand him. On the way to his 18 month check up we came up with approximately 20 words he knew, we felt pretty good. I know that boys are later talkers than girls.

Something happened a few weeks ago, just before Christmas. One day he was saying about 20 words and wouldn’t try new ones, no matter how much coaxing we did. We’d beg him to try new words and repeat things over and over to him. He just looked at us. Then .. Something clicked, a flip switched, a light came on. I don’t know, but one day the boy started saying everything! He’d repeat what we said and started saying words randomly on his own that we had no idea he knew.

Case in point. We walk through our basement to get in and out of the house, right by the lawn mower which he loves to ride on. He has been saying “b” for ages for everything, anything. As he points and says “b”, one of us would say “lawn mower” and on we’d go. Then one night we walk through the basement and without hesitation, he points and says “mon mower”. Andy asked “Did he just say lawn mower?” So Cole repeats “mon mower” as if to say, “Duh Daddy, yes that’s what I said.”

Cole’s current word list that grows daily.

Momma - Dadda - Mommy
Daddy - Bye Bye - Hey
Hi - Hat - Bubble
Ball - Drum - phone
Dawg - Mon mower (lawn mower)
More - Wawer (water) -
ABBY (all caps, yes) - nite nite - E mo (Elmo)
Din do aur (dinosaur) - greeps (grapes)
Bewies (strawberries) - Mimi - Papppy
Jack - Miiike (Mike) - bang
Cracka (cracker) - ice - rice
Grss (grass) - Nanny (Granny)
hot - g daddy (Grand Daddy)
no (snow) - ain (rain) - Bock bock (chicken)
ur ple (purple) - bue (blue)
Llellow (yellow) - up - down
Pane (airplane) - uh oh - all done
All gone - tra tor (tractor)
book - Duck - woo woo (train)
doo da (guitar) - Pee pee - poo pee
baby - BATH (all caps!)
old - bite (to eat)
Buzz (Buzz & Woody) - apple - oww & ow
O wl (owl) - yeah, yeah, yeah
box - fsh (fish) - open
jump - dabba dabba (as in yo gabba gabba)
Whoa - ole (Cole) - uck (stuck)

And the list goes on. Just when I think I’m done, I add another one. I don’t know if this is the final list or not, it changes continually ;)

aww wee (which is what he says when he hugs someone or something)
Aaaa choo (when he’s making fun of someone for sneezing ;)

Along with animal sounds: bock bock (chicken) - which is also his word for chicken - oof oof (dog) - ee ee eee (horse) - eeeeee (elephant complete with arm raised for trunk) - ggrrr (dinosaur, tiger, lion, bear ;) - ack ack (quack duck) - bzz (bees which was a first sound from a favorite book and surprised us) -

“budden budden” for cars, trucks, etc..
“woo woo” which is his sound and word for train

He also has an extensive list of baby angry words. We don’t know what he says, but when he’s mad, there’s a lot to say. It usually begins and ends with Mommy/Daddy (whomever he’s mad at) with a whole list of angry jabbering and finger pointing in between.

And a last note on talking, he also whispers. If it’s super quiet in the morning or at night, when he’s nervous about something. He jabbers and whispers, it’s quite the hoot!!