Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Out of Order....Ugh..... I started the baby shower post and didn't publish on Monday, so if you've seen the school Mom's Day one...... Scroll on down to catch up with Andy's office shower too...... Two new post (and we wont count this as one!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mother's Day Tea

I haven't blogged in ages and have so much to say....... I put so much on Facebook, but really enjoy blogging as well. So.... here's a recap~ Carpal tunnel took over my right hand, who knew that happens in pregnancy sometimes? It is better this week, but the only thing that sets it off is ..... typing! So that's why the lack of blogging posts, I promise to go back and catch up.... Slowly, but surely. I have been on bed rest, a modified plan, since last Tuesday. The blood pressure wasn't pretty at all. I was given permission to return to preschool two days this week. So.... I jumped back in "the deep end" with going back for our Mother's Day Tea!!

The bulletin board has our "Mom questions" on it and it's one of my favorite things to do with the kids. I do it for our Donuts with Dad as well. I love sitting down and just chatting with the kids, it's a hoot! Here are some of my favorite things.....

How old is your Mom? 50- 4 - 15

Why did God make Mom's? to drive us to school, so they can tuck us in at night, so they can have more babies

What makes your Mom happy? me!, huggin' her, when I behave at school

What does your Mom do while your at school? goes to the bank, just lays down and rests because she walks at night, she goes to Target, she works and makes money selling girl scout cookies

When does your Mom look pretty? in her dresses, when she wears her make-up, in her pajamas, I like the way she looks - I just like to stand back and look at her

I love when my Mom? takes me to get ice cream, flies kites with me, tucks me in and reads to me at night, is nice, fixes my toys when they are broken

They also drew picturs of their Mom's. The Mom's had to guess who was who-

Our tables looked like this. The hats we made (they painted them last week) are on the chairs. Gifts on the table and some flower die cuts thrown out for fun. We were going to make something cute out of our napkins, but that didn't happen.

The wrapped things are mugs/cups. I wish I had a picture of them!! I die cut "MOM"with my cricket machine and put their picture in the "O" Then they made finger prints yellow that I turned into bees and green caterpillars. They were then laminated and put into the mugs. So cute!! Oh wait, I have one from last year. I'll post it, just a different color scheme. This year I had pink/green/yellow/white scrapbook paper, pink letters & yellow & green critters. It matched the other "stuff".

It was SO GREAT to be back after being gone a week. I missed my "babies" like crazy. Their hugs, silly stories and smiles absolutely make me feel better instantly! "My Mom's" become my friends every year and I love hanging out with them as well. Some I've had 2 (or 3) times and they become some of my best friends inside and then out of school as well!! I'm so thankful for the amazing "Mommy friends" I've made over the years! They becoming email buddies, lunch/dinner friends, couple friends for Andy and I, Disney traveling buddies, camping buddies and in many cases the best friends ever!!

It was great to be back and the kids already knew I was at "home resting to take care of your baby". So they were really sweet. For now, I'm on the every other day plan. After a day with them (and a nap ;) my blood pressure was just great, so I look forward to Thursday and finishing our year together!!!!! (2 more weeks!)

Speaking of said parent/Mommy become friend, here is one to show how cute the hats look!! :) My awesome friend Andrea (who gave me permission to post this) with her son, M. (I"ve had two of her kiddos) She is wonderful and I love her dearly! Aren't the hats adorable?????

Monday, April 27, 2009

Andy's Office Shower

Disclaimer: I know, I am soooo far behind in blogging. I have to retrace some and catch up. So, "live from my bedroom" because I'm on "modified" bed rest..... I bring you back a few weeks to the shower at Andy's office!

The people Andy works with are absolutely fantastic. He spends so much time there and traveling with them too, that they are an extended family to him. They have been waiting on us to become parents right along with everyone else. There are two wonderful girls there that are also pregnant and they, along with Andy.... talk "baby" every day. The stories I hear of them "educating" him are so fun. They threw us our fantastic first shower!!

You also have to remember that I have spent years (and years - 9 to be exact) avoiding baby showers at all costs. I skip them whenever possible, making up all sorts of excuses. (true) If I "had" to go, like you nieces I love & adore, it was usually to sit in the back and shed my own jealous tear or two. So this day of OUR first shower for OUR baby is more than I could ever explain!!!

They had adorable decorations....... the balloon that floated in our ceiling for 2 weeks and is still inflated! I think it's too cute!!

Maggianos for lunch, HOLY COW....... ((2 kinds of salad, one had chicken. Cheese ravioli (which I ate for days at home too...) Veal ravioli, spaghetti, bread and two cakes))

Great games.... we played the "don't say baby" pin game, win loose or draw baby style (hilarious) and measure Monica's belly with toilet paper......

Andy's onesie, such a cheater!! It's Ok, cause my team still one!!! :)

They were so sweet & generous with lots of fun baby gifts, soooooo much fun to open! (especially with Andy there too!) Here's a few~

After gifts we cut cakes. Can you believe Andy was cutting right through the little baby booties, ugh!! Boys~ I had to fuss at him, of course someone caught it on my own camera! :) ... and then we made up ;)

Just a sample of the friends there, notice all the men have their phones/black berries in their hands! I have tons of group shots, but wont post 'em all.

The wonderful hostess', they are sooooo sweet and thoughtful. Sgt. Fields, on the left, is having a baby girl in the fall and Sgt. Martin, on the right, is due a few weeks following. (not sure if he's a he or she's a she yet)

All the goodies at home, we just love looking at them. So much fun!!!!! It was a fantastic day shared with Andy and I enjoyed it sooooo much!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter and hope you did as well.

It started with Easter baskets for a family of 3!!! The Easter Bunny (much to my shock) had left a basket for Cole, how sweet is that???? Andy's basket is one he's used since he was little and the brown bunny inside has always remained in the basket, neat tradition. (I always got a new basket) I love using the same one and have been since we married and "he" bought me my first one! I look forward to continuing the tradition of "your basket is yours forever"......

Our day continued with an awesome church service in which this song makes me practically weepy. I can't control myself and am thankful for a Savior who LIVES and blesses me daily!!!!

We came home for a photo op and getting ready to head to (one of) Andy's brothers.

Lunch, egg hunt and fun times with Mike, Faye and the gang!!

Followed by watching the last few hours of a great Masters!

Great day, great day!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday, but Sunday's a comin'

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Give Away

My friend Janell is having a give away, go here and introduce yourself to get a chance. What have you got to loose? :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cole's Room

...truly a work in progress....

Who would have thought we'd be just a few months away from meeting our son and still not be able to sit back and say "his room is totally complete"? Especially since we have been working on it for well over the past year and a half, well.. 9 if you count the years of picking up this and that!!

Mom & I had bought Winnie the Pooh stuff for baby's room years and years ago. Then I ended up selling it and starting over a bit when we decided to head towards adoption. I "had" to stick with the Pooh theme because of ALL the stuff I couldn't part with and my "mini" obsession with the old fluffy bear myself. I've still sold stuff on Ebay about 3 times, given Pooh stuff away and have way more than I can ever find room to store.

I did really like this new Pooh we chose and that the colors could be added to as we went. Pink or Blue, either way. Finding out about little Cole made it all the more fun. I had painted my (very shaky) trees on the wall this summer and then last weekend I talked (begged, pleaded, nagged) Andy into using the stencil and adding the little blue birds to the wall. I'm thinking about gluing on a button eye, but haven't decided. (thanks to Shelley for the idea) I'm also considering adding a "sew on" look border between the colors, like a painted on "quilt stitch" kind of thing. Again, thanks Shelley and we'll see.....

Last weekend he also replaced the curtain rod and I am going to finally make curtains this week while I'm home for spring break. I bought several kinds of material and they will be sort of like a patchwork quilt. He also hung up the coat/bag rack behind a closet door. I didn't take pics of all around the room again this time, but I will. Oh and (he was so helpful) he also hung up the letters that spell Cole! We knew we'd never get them straight (nothing I do is straight) so we went with the crooked look from the get-go. Saved a huge headache and I like them that way!

I'm also still talking family into helping me paint a Bible verse on the wall along the line where blue meets brown. I think we've finally chosen a verse from my favorite three. You'll have to check back to see when I update pics again.

A few weeks ago I finally decided there was no way I could live with the book shelf we had in there. It was so tall and Cole would be 15 before he could reach the top and it wasn't fitting for me. So I got this super cute "square" shelf at Target. I like the baskets or no baskets idea and I think it can be useful, pretty much forever.

Eventually it will be done, meanwhile there is nothing I like more than going in there and sitting. Organizing things around, shuffling through the closet, sniffing baby lotion. People asked when I started this room over a year ago "don't you feel like you are jinxing it" or "doesn't it make you sad to see baby's room, with no baby". I never felt that way though, ever. To me it's always been the spot where someday, somehow God would send out little one. I trusted his plan and "prepared" for the blessing I knew he would send. Granted at the time I thought adoption was the only we'd he would bless us. Praying with faith we'll call it. Look at us now....................... A baby in my tummy, under my heart due in just 9 weeks and a hopeful heart that adoption will also play a part in our family story!!