Monday, June 19, 2006


We left on Saturday, the 10th. We arrived at Shades of Green to find our room was thanfully, once again, on the golf course
with beautiful views. Just a few rooms down from last time! We could sit on the balcony and watch people tee off to one side, or watch their entire play on one par 3 hole. (With the green right below) Pretty awesome! We had dinner at the buffet there at the resort and went to bed rather early, preparing for a new day!

Sunday, the 11th was spent @ EPCOT. We arrived about 9:45 t
hat morning, ready for fun. EPCOT is my Dad's favorite park, so he chose this time. It was THE VERY last day of the Flower & Garden Festival and we were happy about that. I thought Bambi & Thumper were pretty cute. We headed towards our left in future world and rode Test Track first thing. The stand by line was about 15 minutes, can't beat that! As we wondered on the rest of the day, we found that 15 minutes was our longest line. We rode everything, saw every show & every movie there. We had everything done by about 6ish that evening. The crowds were super low. The only thing we didn't do was Soarin' and I was ok with that. The stand by line was super long and they were out of fast passes. No biggie though, I'm still half way afraid it'll make me sick. I'll do it~ eventually. The weather was great. We'd expected high 90s and it was nice to find that the clouds kept it in the low 80's. We didn't melt and can't complain a bit. There were a few sprinkles, but we didn't get wet. I found some $68 perfume in "France" that I wish I would have bought. I spent the entire next week of the vacation (and even today) sniffin' the little paper that I put it on. Of course I have no idea what the name of it was and will have to go back to find it someday. Man, I shoulda just bought it while I was there. The smell is fabulous!!


Ker-Bear said...

Meandering through Epcot is always fun. I like that flower picture, it's pretty cool.

monica said...

Thanks! I took alot of up close flowers this time, I would have taken more if I had my better camera. I like that one too, it looks great blown up huge!

RaLelle said...

Great pictures Monica!
I love that panda bear one. :)

Amber said...

What's the secret behind that flower picture?

monica said...

No secret, just thought it was pretty. I took several flower pics and wish I'd had time for more. I have a few with bumble bees in them, neat stuff!