Friday, June 09, 2006

In honor of cruises: Past, Present & Future!

Here is just one of our past trips!

(We went on a c
ruise last May, September & this February so far) The September trip was the Disney Cruise! FAR the MOST beautiful ship I've ever layed eyes on: inside & out. I love the classic look, it's like the ocean liners of the past and takes your breath away. The others beauty does not compare! The characters were so much fun to have around all the time, the pools and adult areas were fantastic and their island...there aren't words. I hear that the other ship lines private islands wont begin to compare, I can imagine. I took this picture and to looks like any postcard I could have bought. Amazing that I can get my own perfect shot. What a place!!! It's worth the entire trip, just to experience Castaway Cay!! Someday we'll go into debt and do the Disney 7 nighter! The food wasn't our favorite part of this ship, the dinning room rotation was pretty neat though. We loved our first ship on the Carnival Fantasy to the Bahamas for 4 nights too, it was soooo much fun! The food was great and the activities were fabulous! Then there was the trip on Carnival's Glory to the Virgin Islands, 7 nights! Wow!! That trip was perfect, all the way around!! The ship was HUGE and had so much to do, the Islands were the MOST GORGEOUS place I've ever been (and can't wait to return), 7 nights was so relaxing, the food was ...wowie zowie!! The chocolate buffet, man...what more can a girl ask for?? All 3 trips so far have been awesome, each with their own favorite points!

Here is the present ship.

We leave Monday actually (though we'll be @ Disney from Saturday night-Monday) for our 4 night cruise to the Bahamas. We'll have a day @ CoCo Cay, their private island; Nassau and a day at sea. The ship is called Sovereign (sp?) of
the Sea and it's a Royal Caribbean ship. This will be our first RC, it just worked out to fit our needs this time. We leave on the 12th, which is our 7th anniversary. Neat huh? We've only spent one other one together in those 7 years, Andy's usually out of town. (Without me!) We're taking my parents as most of you know; on their first cruise. They are so excited, but nervous. It's so fun to watch them get excited!! The next blog you see from me, will be the update!!

And looking to the future~

Of course, we're planning our next already. We've been looking all week at where we want to go next. Our first plan is the week of & after Thanksgiving. We want to go to Mexico: Cancun &/or Cozumel. I've been to each place once, Andy's never been. We also want to see the Grand Cayman Islands while we're there. We're working out the details. I think we may actually skip Disney (*Gasp*) and leave from Tampa. We could go to Busch Gardens for a day down there, Andy's never been. I don't remember my trip from when I was little. We'll go with Carnival I'm guessing, we get a military discount with them. We've had fantastic experiences on their ships as well. (Not the "party ship line" that people have heard about, nothing like that!) If November doesn't pan out, February will. We're going somewhere in February no matter what, if we get to go in November or not. We LOVED having a trip that month. It's nice to leave the cold behind and go somewhere warm & beautiful. It breaks up the boring, dreary winter months and was perfect!!

And there you have it- our past, present and future cruising! If you haven't gone on one, you must!! You'll become addicted too! Best wishes & God bless until we return! Talk to yall next weekend!!


Kristy Nelson said...

Have a great time! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Reading your blog makes me want to plan a cruise in a bad way! But, how?? with three little girls in my life??? :) Anyway, have fun and I'll talk to you soon.

Traci said...

When you come back, I'll start to get excited for my cruise!!!

Have a great time!

Amber said...

Now you're just making me jealous!

Ker-Bear said...

I've got one of those first pictures!

Amber said...

I'm still patiently waiting for pictures. Where's that :wall: smilie?