Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Years

Wow, all I can say is Wow! I would have never imagined how awesome the past 10 years would have been.

I would have never imagined how much I could love someone even more than the day I married him, but oh how I do love him more! I would have never imagined that it would take us so long to have kids, but wouldn't trade the journey for anything! I would have never thought we'd spend so much "just us" time before kids, but am so thankful for every single minute of it. (despite how hard it was to wait) I would have never imagined after signing up with our adoption agency that I would get birth, ever, but here I am 13 days after doing just that with the little one here to prove it. I would have never thought Andy would be the "baby hog" at our house and yet here we are with him never putting Cole down.

I can't begin to say how much I love Andy more every single day. People have always said "I love him more after seeing him become a Daddy" and I can now attest to just how true that is. Seeing Andy stand by me for the birth, which he swore he might not be able to handle, made me appreciate him even more. Seeing him change dirty diapers and jump from being soaked while I lay helpless in a hospital bed, made me love him more. (and cracked me up) Watching him feed, burp, change and gaze into Cole's face every day the past two weeks...make me love him more.
Catching them on the couch sleeping together, looking like twins 40 years apart, make me love him more. Hearing him talk to Cole continuously, makes me love him more.

Sometimes I think my heart is going to burst!

10 years of being married to my best friend on Earth, I am so blessed! A lifetime to look forward too, how much more can a girl ask for?

I blogged about our wedding and marriage last year (click here) and am even more amazed at our journey today. God is so good!!

Ecc 4:9 “Two people are better than one, they can help each other in everything they do”

June 12, 1999

June 12, 2007
8 yr anniversary cruise

April 2008
Birthmom letter photos, on our way to becoming parents

September 27, 2008
My birthday and already parents-in-the-making,
but we didn't have a clue.
In Gatlinburg.

Easter 2009
Getting so close to welcoming Cole

June 10, 1999
Almost 10 years to the day and here we are, family of three.
At my parents house.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Cole meets his cousin Layla.

We've been waiting on this for quite awhile, actually so has Layla. She has talked about him for quite awhile,though not thrilled he was going to be a boy from the get-go. She wouldn't have much to do with her baby brother when he arrived a year ago, but then just 4 months later seemed to love on her other cousin Trey a little more. She has become such a "Motherly" little thing and has changed so much. She came in the door saying she wanted to touch him, he was in his swing. I asked her if she wanted to hold him and she was in the chair in a second flat. She held him FOREVER and was so very gentle and sweet. She talked about his little hands and his little feet, wanted to know why he would make noises from time to time. Her Mimi & Mommy both asked if they could take him and she'd say "Maybe I'll just hold him"...... I think she'd still be here with him if it weren't for the fact that he peepeed straight through his clothes and on her, yikes! Bless her heart!!! He says sorry and I'm sure they will have many adventures to come!!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

In need of some cutie entertainment, you've come to the right place!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

First doctor visit

Yesterday, Thursday, was Cole's first visit to the doctor. We had TONS of trouble finding someone who took our Tricare insurance, I spent hours on the phone earlier this week. Thankfully the group we found is actually the one who checked on him in the hospital and although they are in Kennesaw, it didn't take us long to get there. They are super and we're thrilled.

For those in the area..... West Cobb Peds, on our side of town wont accept Tricare Prime. That is where we were going to go, they told me during my first phone call they did. Ugh! However; we are going to their flip side East Cobb Peds, who do accept it. Go figure. Insurance, business, I don't get it all.......

My doctor anxiety kicked in, worrying about him. He did great though and I think he's pretty relaxed about new things. We were surprised at how calm he was with the big "look over". He had only gained 1/2 an ounce and that isn't enough for how tiny he is. We are turning the feedings on "high" and filling him up!! We can already tell that by patiently getting more in him, he is more restful longer. We go back next week where I'm sure he will weigh more!!

I have to say the first "outing" where we packed him in the car seat (literally with blankets on each side, he's so tiny he gets lost in it!) was really amazing. Out we went diaper bag and baby in hand. One of those little things you envy seeing other people out and about with THEIR babies for so long. Sounds little, but if you've waited... You understand just how "big" the "little" things are!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cole is here!

No time to ramble, but thought I'd try to throw up a few pics super fast.

Raymond Cole Tanner
arrived Saturday, May 30th @ 6:45 PM
4 lbs 14 oz 18 & 3/4 inches long

Mommy & Cole on Sunday

Daddy, Mommy & Cole
headed home on Monday

Cole hanging out at home
Monday night