Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly dog

Let me tell you a little more about our Millie girl. She is absolutely the pickiest (is that a word) thing ever! She has issues with pills, see below explanation. She also has certain kinds of food she doesn't like and treats that aren't her favorites. She's not one of those "eat anything" doggies.

Week before last we had roast, taters & carrots for supper ... twice. We had leftovers and decided to give Millie the little that was left after that. She is obviously not a veggie lover. She ate the meat out first, naturally. Then she picked out the taters. Finally she picked up the carrots, one by one. She would swoosh them around in her mouth and spit them back out. It was absolutely hilarious!!

I'm not talking about letting them fall out of her mouth here and there, the girl was SPITTING them out all over the place!!

She'd pick them up again, like .... "are they any better if I try again?".... then spit them out again.

They were on the stairs, under chairs and by the door. It was a hoot!! So... she's not a carrot lover.

She has all sorts of skin itchy issues and we've been given her all sorts of medication her entire life. She is NOT to be tricked any longer. She refuses to touch peanut butter with a 10 foot pole. She knows peanut butter means a pill is stuck somewhere in there. She wont touchy sticky cheese, there's a pill to be found. She wont eat a bite of cookie, meat, whatever until she has taken it apart and sniffed it completely. Andy tries it all. He ends up resorting to holding her mouth, throwing the pill down her throat, holding her mouth closed and rubbing her neck so she swallows. (and she's still known to spit one back at him randomly ;) Thankfully she's also the sweetest thing EVER and would never bite him, despite the pill torture. (He will be well trained for baby)

When we started bringing leftover cake home from showers, he got the idea to put some icing on the pill and try that. Who doesn't love sugar, right? It worked! She stopped sniffing it to death and taking it apart, she will eat icing immediately. So.... butter cream icing is the key! Well, what happens when you run out of leftover cake??

You start adding butter cream icing to your grocery shopping list..... for your dog!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cole's Room!

Well, finally after almost 10 years of planning.... I think we are finished in Cole's room!

Here is looking at the crib, toy shelf, verse I finally painted (though a little crooked ;), tree we got all done, verse Lindsey painted and curtains too.

A little closer of part of the verse, picture on the wall and inside the crib. He will sleep in our room in the travel crib for awhile, so for now .... the new stuffy fluffy friends can hang out there. Thanks to family & friends for them!!

Perfect verse, that has been a favorite for years, that Lindsey painted. I couldn't love it more. The colors are so perfect and the fact his name is in there is so awesome!!!! ((Love ya and thanks chickie!))

Another direction-
laundry basket with his name can be for toys or whatever too. Fabric comes off frame to wash. Love it! ($7 at Marshalls ;) Initials I painted are there left of the window. I need to add pics in the frame on the wall.....

Looking at closet & door. Another bag from the $1 spot at Target that I had his name and a doggie put on.

Behind the door. Nursing cover us, hats, sling and diaper bag ready to go!!!!!

Closer of stuff on shelves.
One basket has bibs, one has mittens/socks/hats and the other has burp clothes. Containers have paci's and other has paci clips. Piggie bank with UGA and name, diaper caddies and goodies galore.

Looking in the closet that is packed. Clothes in both directions, plus drawers in dresser are crammed full ;) What can I say? Toys on top shelf are ready for Christmas!

Curtains I made. Mom helped me finish when I was stuck in bed. I had the plan for years to do the patchwork thing and it turned out perfect. I knew this way I could add pink or blue. I am so in love with them!!!

Now all we need is Cole!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First 'almost official' Mother's Day

(Someday I will totally catch up blogging, someday. Meanwhile, let's talk about Mother's Day)

If you know Andy & I very well, you know about our trading vehicle obsession. My Dad owned a used car lot most of my life and well, I had different vehicles all the time. Funny that I meet Andy who has the same obsession, with no excuse! Let me throw in here we are BOTH on our 14th ;)

It's technically "my turn" to trade at our house, but the thing was..... I loved my Durango. I traded the bug (which I also loved) for it 3 years ago and have shouted from the tree tops that it was by far one of my top favorite vehicles of all time. It was a 2003, in very good condition and the most comfortable thing to drive/ride in. It was huge to haul my "stuff" to and from school and it already knew it's way to Disney World & Port Canaveral and back.

We have been talking about me trading for one a little newer, but I was so content that we decided there was no reason. We put brand new tires on my "beastie" and all was well. On Friday night we had a discussion that although newer would be fun and nice, mine was great to hang in there until a new year.

Saturday morning Andy takes it to get the transmission serviced, so it'll be all ready for hauling around a new baby. Meanwhile I talk to my brother in law on the phone (who has the same vehicle obsession and had just traded trucks AND bought a camper without telling his wife last week!) He, randomly, says "how do you know Andy wont come home with a new transmission, wrapped in a new vehicle. (After all Andy traded twice without telling me, came back once from a work trip to Arkansas in a new truck, on our anniversary) I assured Mike that we'd talked about it the night before and Andy wouldn't do it this time.........

Naturally, an hour later Andy pulls back in.......without my Durango!

He tells me that I am going to make the best Mom ever (he is so sweet) and he wants me to have something newer and better to start my Mommy job and driving around a new baby (or babies). So he traded for a beautiful 2007 Durango. It is a little bigger than the older one, taller which makes getting in & out quite an adventure at 9 months preggers. It is so pretty, red is my favorite color! It's soooo perfect, even more so than the other one. My Dad even looked it over and said "So you got a brand new one" It is so perfect inside and out. I am thrilled with my much newer "Beastie" and so very thankful for a sweet, sweet husband!!!!!!!!!! I'm a blessed, blessed woman!!!