Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Part 2, Meanwhile Mom & Dad were----

While we were enjoying our morning trip, Mom & Dad were
hanging out at the ship. As we returned, we ran into them leaving. They had an afternoon tour of the resort & casino "The Atlantis". Dad has been talking about this place for years! He was ready!!! They had a boat ride over and then a LONG walk to the casino, a little longer than the expected. They said it was gorgeous! They raved about the beauty of the entire place. They toured the huge aquarium where they said the fish were too big to describe. The biggest sting ray ever, that grow so big they have to be taken to the ocean in a crane. They said the casino was huge, of course. They were disappointed that they didn't just grab a cab over there themselves and spend the entire day. They are for sure ready to go back and tackle that place on their own!!

Meanwhile we returned to find lunch on the ship and head to the pool. There were NO PEOPLE at the pool, wh
ich was kind of wild. They were still on the island I am sure. (As people came back we heard wild tales of excursions people had enjoyed and shopping, shopping, shopping. We'd checked out the stores on our previous 3 visits and were sitting this time out!) We had the place to ourselves and got chairs next to the water. We spent the afternoon there, good stuff!!

Next thing we knew it was time for getting ready for dinner, it was formal night. Ugh- I like to get dressed up .. every tiny once in awile... it's just not my thing normally. I could do without the dress up nights on every cruise truthfully. We have talked about Norwegian's "free-style" dinning and may try one of those some time. No dressy clothes at all ever and you can eat when you want too, different times on different days. Anyhow.... we got ready and headed to dinner. We'd already asked and knew that lobster wasn't on the menu. This was another complaint of this cruise. It wasn't the end of the world, but just strange. Every other cruise offers a "lobster night" that Andy, Dad & I were soooooo looking forward too!! It didn't happen this time, sad! After dinner we rushed back to change into comfortable clothes! he he he---We were greeted back in our room by a bat, we'd never had one of those creatures before...cute!

We changed clothes and headed down for show time! This evenings show was called "Flash Back" and it was singing, dancing & video clips of the decades. It was fantastic!!
After the show Mom & Dad were off to the casino (again) and we retired after some walking around the ship (again). Man, we're getting OLD!! Though... it was about midnight...our first cruises we
were all about staying up until the wee we just can't take it. I'm telling ya: old, old, old!!


Traci said...

If you feel old now at your young age, just wait till you have a kid, then you will really feel old and force yourself just to stay up on the next cruise because you can! LOL!