Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing, growing, growing!

I worried so much in the beginning when I wasn't actually gaining weight and this past doctor visit, well.. let's just say the doctor said "we don't have to worry about that anymore now do we?" Ooops! (However most of it was a huge swelling problem that I have gotten a little more under control this week) Anywho-

My friend Wendy said I should take pics weekly and she is right, I wish I would have. At 31 weeks today though, it's a little late for that. I've taken pics of me here and there, but I wish I'd have taken this same pic each week. Here we go though, at least 3 stages to compare. Thanks Lindsey for letting me borrow clothes, including this cute shirt! I thought it would be fun to have the same shirt on in each picture.

16 weeks

21 weeks

30 weeks

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crafty Initials

I love to paint, I'm TERRIBLE at it, but I love it. I have a sister in law and two nieces who do great work. Me, not so much. I have the shakiest hand in history. I get carried away and add and add and add, until ugh.. it's an overwhelming mess!!! I played with these all weekend, added stuff, painted over it. Glued stuff, took it back off. Anyway, this is what I ended up with. (I know, the T is crooked in this pic, sorry it's fixed now)

Raymond Cole Tanner in case ya forget the initials. They are hanging on the wall, done!

R - stitching on left is rub on, then paint squiggle. stripes are pathetically mine and shaky. shoulda used something for edges i know, such is life. buttons glued on and few painted dots

C- painted stripe, painted dots with pencil eraser, glued on button hands, want to write a verse or quote in the top right corner, but can't make it look decent so far, painted over it a few times

T- painted dots & squiggle, glued on ribbon

Sunday, March 22, 2009

29 Weeks
March 21, 2009

Here is an updated picture. As you can see, I'm looking rather huge all over. Strangely enough, not really my belly. Anyway, there ya have me in all the glory.

The fun news is that last night for the first time ever, Andy was able to feel Cole kicking. It's been so frustrating for a month saying "seriously, you can't feel THAT?" He was wiggly all day yesterday as I cleaned and organized at home, but then last night he was super still. That, as typical for me, sends me into a panic. So I ate a sugary snack and still, nada-nothing-zilch. I prayed and decided to trust God and get some sleep. Then.....right as I got super comfortable and still....he woke up!!!! So finally last night in Cole's gymnastic routine right before I was drifting off to sleep, Andy got to feel him a few times!! He says it's still super soft to him, funny it doesn't feel that way to me! It was exciting though!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Casey Hannah Tanner

Sometimes, life is just hard. Ya know? Here's the thing before I get started, you're either a dog lover and you will understand my rambling post this morning...or you are not and you wont.

If you are a dog lover, you understand. You understand that our furry babies ARE our babies and are spoiled rotten. You understand that if they are sick or in pain, we can't rest until we know they are better. You understand sleepless nights worrying about them. You understand the need to buy them treats, get them presents from Santa, be sure they have comfy pillows for sleeping on, taking their picture constantly and talking to them like they were human. You understand when we let them sleep in the bed, lick us in the face and cuddle on the couch.

You understand why when Casey didn't make it until day light this morning, why my amazing and big hearted husband was outside at 4AM burying her in the dark, in the rain.

You understand that for the past 4 hours I have cried until you'd think I would be out of tears. You understand why I am heart broken our little Cole wont get to be licked by Casey when he comes home from the hospital or wont get to throw the ball for the smartest lab ever. You understand why for the rest of today and probably the next few, things will be really hard at the Tanner house. You understand because you've probably been down this road yourself.

We'll be fine, life goes on. We are waiting on our son to join our family in about 11 weeks or so. We have so much to look forward to and we are blessed beyond our imagination. Ephesians 3:20 says "God is able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine" and man that has come so true in our lives. We would have never thought this time last year that I would be pregnant with our baby. God's plans are way bigger than ours. We have two (sometimes three) furry friends who need us to love on them as well. I know there are greater losses going on in the world, I know there is sickness and death. I know people face things much bigger than what we face this moring. However; that doesn't mean that we wont take time to think about and miss our wonderful sweet chocolate lab, Casey.

Casey had Andy's heart, way before I did. He tells me the story of going to pick her up from Bowden, she was a country puppy! She lived inside for two and a half years and was loved by Andy, his brother Mike & his Momma like crazy. I hear about her puppy years of peeing when excited, sleeping in the bed and being able to clear a room with a toot!

Before Andy & I got married, he went out of town one weekend and left Casey with me at my house. I decided to let her sleep inside, in the bed with me! Morning came and Ms. 70 pound lab refused to get out of bed. I had to shake her and push until I got her off. That girl, that girl.

When Andy bought his first house, he & Casey moved in. They fenced in the back yard where Casey turned into an outside dog, she was fine with that and loved the outdoors. She welcomed Gizmo & I with licks and tail wags when we joined the family.

She was an amazing big sister to Millie (our part black lab) and they have been inseparable since Millie came to our family, via the Easter Bunny in 2000. Millie doesn't like baths, quite frankly she's terrified and cries the entire time. One summer day as Andy gave the girls baths on the driveway, Casey came to Millie's rescue and licked her (and the soap) the entire time. We think she was trying to comfort her baby sister. She was patient with Sport, the bird dog, who lived with us just a few short years near the end of his days. (He was very old when we got him, though still quite... um... frisky in his old age.) She has always been patient with Gizmo as he nipped at her heels and barked at her contstantly, she just ignored the pestering little brother.

That girl has cost a fortune in Pet ER visits and sleepless nights over the years. She had seizures for a few years, that would scare us to death. We eventually figured out it was the kind of heart worm meds she was on and changed them. She liked to eat anything and one time it was rocks, that was a ER visit where they wanted to do emergency surgery, we skipped the surgery and the rocks came out all on their own a few days later. (ugh) We had her camping once and had to rush her to the ER because she got very sick and turned out her stomach had flipped upside down. Thankfully with total rest, everything went back to normal. That girl was nothing if not one for keeping us on our toes. We wouldn't have it any other way though!!

Growing up with doggies, both of us, we've shared we heard both of our parents say "We're never having another dog again" when one passes away. It's just too hard to deal with. If you are a dog lover ... you've probably said it yourself. Yet there you sit with a lovable critter on your lap even now. It's hard, loosing someone you love is hard, but the ride is so worth it.

I've often said if Andy had to choose between Casey & I, I'm not sure where I stand. They have loved each other more than words and that's Ok. You know how it is with first loves and all.

Andy with the girls in the back yard. Lovingly we referred to them as "fatty" (Casey) and "big ears" (Millie) Everyone has to have a nickname, right?

Me with the girls in the front yard. Casey saying "throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball"

The girls hanging out in the back yard, Casey always with a ball close by.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

More mystery mail

I have to say that I love getting things in the mail. I have a wonderful friend Terry who sends me things from time to time. I've posted my "pickle picture", when she found out I am pregnant she sent a jar of pickle's. Then she sent Andy a pack of hot wheels to start off his collection for Cole, she didn't want me to have all the fun. She sends various crafty goodies to share with my kids from time to time and it's so fun.

Then there was the mystery envelope that appeared shortly after I started talking about my pregnancy. It contained an adorable striped maternity shirt, that I wear a bunch. I've posted a picture and thank you on here, as well as facebook. I've yet to figure out who it came from. No note, no return name & addressee. How fun .... and mysterious.

This week, we received a mystery box in the mail. It was addressed to both of us and again, had no note, name or return addressee. It was full of precious baby boy things and we loved taking them out one by one. The outfit has boats and is too cute, blue paci and you can't have enough of those!! There is a great frame for growing up pictures and a cute toy piano that has a mirror and plays all sorts of games & music. Then there is a box with blue & white baby washcloths and the cutest blue duckie with white polka dots you've ever seen. (He's my favorite, he makes me smile!)

So.... once again, if you are my mystery mailer. Thank you, I'd love to tell you personally! We appreciate your kindness and getting things in the mail is SO MUCH FUN!!

Update: My wonderful BFF from elementary school, April McLane Albritton, sent the package! We have a ton of crazy, crazy memories together and now.... we are cousins by marriage. (I think, is that right?) She & Andy are 2nd cousins, such a funny thing. We went to school together from elementary through high school and I love her dearly. I finally remembered she lived in Perry and sent an email, sure enough it was her!! So shout out to April, you're super sweet and I love it all!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Tanner's 1st Birthday!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Tanner!
We love you!!