Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hanging with the Girls:

Here are the two furry ladies in our lives. Let's get to know them.

Casey is the chocolate lab. Andy got her when she was just 6 weeks old, from a breeder in Bowden, GA. She is now 9 years old. She lived with Andy, Mike & Momma Peggy for two years before Andy moved out on his own with her. She's his pride and joy, there's no doubt! I'm thinkin' he may even love her more than me, that could be debated- She was the runt of the litter, though you'd never guess now. She's really over weight, bless her heart. She's had some heart stopping medical issues over the years. She has eaten so many rocks (yes, rocks) that she had to spend the night in the emergency room. She spent about 3 years having seizures every few months, that was tough! After many expensive all night emergency room visits and a change of heart worm meds, she stopped having them! Thank the Lord!! She is totally and completely OCD! She's obsessive & compulsive about playing with raquet balls! She sleeps with one in her mouth, no joke! She'd rather you just shut up and throw the ball than pet her. She'll chase the ball until she drops over dead, you have to know when to make her stop. She also likes golf balls and can get four in her mouth at one time!! She loves her kiddie swimming pool and doesn't know how to drink without just getting in it. She loves to lay down in it on hot days! She LOVES swimming at the lake!! If you tell her to wash her ball off, she will go to the pool and do that too. She will sit and stay for hours if Andy tells her to do that too. She is so so smart!!

Then there is Millie. Millie is the part black lab, part black & tan coon hound. You only recognize that when she barks, which leads to an ear splitting howl. (Thankfully she doesn't do this much!) She's the worrier, thus the gray hair! She can't stand to have her sister out of her sight. She'll also worry to death if you are outside and she isn't with you. She's a big ole baby and will sit in your lap if you sit down ANYWHERE outside!! She'll lick you until your face is chapped and stick her tongue in your ear, beware! She is our most loving dog, by far! She'd rather lick your hand than eat the treat you are holding for her. (She's the ONLY animal we own that will do that, the others will eat your hand off if it's holding food!) The Easter Bunny brought her to me in 2001. Andy couldn't stand to hear her cry at night and he spent her first night at home sleeping on the couch with her!! (After she'd wet BOTH beds and we were down to the last set of dry sheets, I was finished with her for the night! Then again, why was she sleeping with us? What were we thinking??) She got car sick when she was little, but she got over that thank goodnesss. She is allergic to fleas though! Yep, have you ever heard of such?! If she has just ONE little bitty flea bite, it's all over...her hair starts falling out. (Usually on her rear end and under her neck) She often looks like she has a terrible disease. Of course we keep her medicated, but what can ya do? She will play ball, but usually only to piss her sister off. She is the frisbee dog and will do great jumps to catch that sucker- She likes to swim at the lake too, but not as much as her sister does. She's surely a sweetie!

-more on the furry boys in our lives later-

Friday, April 28, 2006

I love my bug! There's no doubt about it.... I wanted one since the day I saw the commercial a few years before they even came out. They were out for years before I got one. I enjoy every minute of the little booger. (Even when I come out of Sam's or the grocery store saying crap, where am I gonna put this stuf) I've had it almost 2 years. Those of you who've known me for long, know that I trade every 2 years. What's a girl to do? I've thought of going to something bigger again, I drove SUV's for 8 years before the bug. We could pull the camper again too. (Which currently we still own, never did sell.....and have nothing to pull it with. Duh-)BUT, I love my bug!! If anything, I want a convertible. Not gonna happen anytime soon though. But here's the real reason I'm rambling about the bug today....You'll never believe what I saw at the local dealership....a PINK bug convertible. Yep, PINK!!!! (This color of pink!)It was custom painted and the secretary there owns it (I asked) and not for sale. But..... are you thinking what I'm thinking???

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I've gotten a new phone. It's a PINK razor phone. Do you know how much I love pink right now? I've gone nuts with it, really really nuts. This is the 2nd time that Andy's needed a new phone, but his contract isn't up. So.... again, I get the NEW phone and he gets the hand me down. How fun is that? The old one is a camera phone, but..this one is a camera and video phone. Good stuff! I updated my media package, that was fun. AND... I discovered answer tones. Do you know about these? Email me and I'll give ya my phone number, you DS folks who don't have it already. You need to call just to hear it. I will not give away what it does. It's fun stuff though. Andy keeps calling to let everyone down there hear it. Hilarious!! Oh...and this phone let's you assign pictures to people's numbers. (as well as a voice calling thing) So when Andy calls instead of just caller ID, his picture pops up. It has the little window on the outside too, so the pic is right there. I'm having fun with this......Technology, amazes me. And I'm always soooo behind what everyone else is doing. I'm proud of my new toy!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

12 Scrapbooks: Ugh!!!!!!

What was I thinking when I decided to make a scrapbook for every child this year in my preschool class?? What was I thinking????? I am 3 years behind in my personal scrapbooks, come on now! They are cute I must say....but they sure take up alot of time. Yesterday I did 24 pages, yep 24~ I can't get the space page to scan right now, which is a pain... b/c it's really cute with an astronaut cut out and a piece of their art work scanned, shrunk and copied. I'll have to work on that...... This one is from our Nursery Rhyme & Fairy Tales week, remember I have to make 12 of each page. So... the layout has to be very very simple and easy. Otherwise I'd never get these done!

The words say: Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales (what we were doing)..

Chocolate Pudding Puddle Painting (we finger painted with chocolate pudding and stuck pig pictures on it, for part of "The Three Little Pigs" day...

Nursery Rhyme Day (where the kids dressed up and said one, while I video taped).....

Humpty Dumpty (the day we dropped eggs off a block wall, fun!)...

Little Miss Muffet (the crazy picture where she's sitting on a pillow making a nutty face...we made this book that said "Little Miss _______ (child's name little Mr. for the boys) sat on a tuffet, eating her/his curds and whey, along came a spider and sat down beside her/him and
this is what she had to say... the kids thought of something they'd say to the spider instead of running away...we made a book about this with finger print spiders, a crazy picture and their

Then it says "To name a Few" b/c these are just a few crazy things
we did that week!!!!

Next year I'll stick with my one end of the year video copied for everyone, that is time consuming enough! (And yep, they're getting those this year AND the scrapbooks!) Anyhoo- that's what I spent my ENTIRE Monday doing from noon thirty....on.........

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Warning: Opinions of the author may vary from your own, it's my blog remember! I'm not a parent, nor a doctor....but a semi-informed teacher with 8 years of experience and a child development degree under my belt. These are just my thoughts, no scientific data......
ADHD...It's one of those things that's much debated in the field that I work in. Attention Deficit Hypersensitivity Disorder, that's what it stands for. (Hypersensitivity/Hyperactivity..both terms are used in different circles) I've read several books, a ton of information online and spoken with many families who have a child that are diagnosed with it. (Including a few close friends whose children are dealing with it, or the diagnosis of it anyway) Interesting stuff.... I have mixed feelings about it. I've had 4 children in my classroom over the years that were diagnosed with dealing with it. All 4 children were on medication. In my opinion, several of those families were looking at ways to calm down a very over active child. I'm not a doctor, but 3 of those children were continually doped up and I couldn't find a reason that they needed to be. They were with me 8 hours a day and I developed strong opinions. The other though, the fourth child. That's her up there, beautiful girl huh? Took that picture on the playground one afternoon. She was something in my classroom, sure kept us on our toes. I took a year out of the classroom after meeting this little beauty. What more can I say? I don't have a picture of a meltdown and her hurling chairs across my room. She was a joy though and she taught me alot about dealing with special children. Of course, in my 8 years of having my very own classroom...she's not the only special case I've come across. I know a family that is having behavior issues with their child right now and they are thinking of medicating him. I've been around this child....alot. The doctors seem to be very easily handing out the diagnosis of ADHD these days. This child is a handful, but no more than many little boys his age. I'm just sad today thinking that he may spend years being drugged up, because his parents want a break. Made me think about the little beauty from years back, a child who was benefiting from medication and the care of a doctor. Just wondering today how much easier it's getting for people to slap a label on a child & drug them up .. than to try to figure out another way to work with a child and their needs. Just thoughts from a rambling preschool teacher who loves children....

Sunday, April 16, 2006


So it's Easter, Happy Easter! Andy & I are horrible bad people. We have skipped church, yet again! And on this special day too.... yeesh- But..... we did have a great time together! We played golf, go figure! It was 81 and gorgeous out there, not crowded one bit...imagine that?! Our excuse is that he's leaving again on Tuesday for several weeks, could be until mid May. We needed the day, right? (Where's a winking smilie when I need one?) I made par on a par 5 hole! That's the very first time that has happened. (I have made par on 3's and 4's, but not a 5) I was pretty proud! We tied on a handful of holes too! I'm just not consistent. I'll do great a few holes and then... we'll.... not so great. We did celebrate the tradition of egg hunting, we'll sort of. ((See picture!!)) I gave us quite a challenge on some hunting! Of course it was of a different variety. The Easter Bunny did visit us this morning too! Andy got a subscription to Golf Digest with the first magazine, "The Greatest Game Ever Played" DVD and peanut m&m's in the same basket that the Bunny has been filling since he was a little boy. Pretty neat stuff. I got a new basket, a duckie with bunny ears, a Rachel Ray cookbook and some chocolate. Oww la la.... Hope your Easter was Egg-stra special!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

All About Me
I hated the way the favorites thing looked and it was driving me nuts. So, it's gone! Here are lots of the same and new random facts about me. Why did I choose this picture to share? Not sure! I think it's adorable and shows my early obsession with Disney World. Me and Mom, babes!

  1. Favorite Color: Red
  2. Favorite Junk Food: Chips/Funyuns especially
  3. Favorite Meal: Currently a steak & creamed spinach from Ted's Montanna Grill
  4. Favorite Movies: Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the Line, First Daughter, Chasing Liberty, Dreamer, The Little Mermaid, Blue Hawaii (or anything Elvis), Pillow Talk (or anything Doris Day), Something to Talk About (or anything Julia Roberts), Failure to Launch (or anything Matthew McHottie), The Notebook
  5. Favorite Authors: (b/c I can't name even a handful of favorite books, too many!) James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Jan Karon, JK Rowling, Barbara Parks, Ann B. Ross, Marilyn Pappano, Debbie Macomber, Fern Michaels, Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans and those are just the top handful!
  6. Favorite Drink: Coke Icees, diet coke, water with 3 lemon pieces + 1 pack of sweet & low and 1 pack of equal!
  7. Animals: Gizmo (shih tzu, he'll be 9 this year) Casey (lab, she'll be 9 this year) Millie (lab, she was 5 this week) Kitty Witty (he will be 4 this year)
  8. Favorite Cars: New VW Beatles, I love my white herbie! I would LOVE to have a convertible red one if I had a choice of any car though! .. or a red new retro ford thunderbird convertible
  9. Favorite thing to do at home: Watch TV, watch movies, read, be crafty, play online, play outside if it's pretty and Andy's home**Go play golf with Andy, how could I not list that?**
  10. Favorite place to visit: Disney duh! Followed by anywhere in the Caribbean... St. Thomas is my first choice. Then our favorite weekend getaway is Pigeon Forge and/or Gatlinburg TN... we LOVE it there!!
  11. Favorite thing to do: Cruise!
  12. Favorite TV shows: Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Reba, According to Jim, Days of Our Lives, Paula Deen cooking, Great Hotels with Samantha Brown, just to name a few
  13. Favorite Old TV Shows: Dawson's Creek which I now own all seasons on DVD! Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith, Brady Bunch, I Dream of Jeanie, Bewitched, HeeHaw & The Carol Burnett Show
  14. If I could have any other animal I would have horses!
  15. My Kitchen is decorated in roosters and I love them!!
  16. I love country style stuff and the rustic look! Cracker Barrel stores and antique stores are my favorite shopping places for home decor! Ok and Target, SuperTarget is my #1 favorite store in all the world!!
  17. I'm obsessed with taking pictures and had still rather shoot with 35mm film than any of the 4 digital cameras that I have!
  18. Dumbo and The Fox & the Hound make me cry! (So does walking down Main Street @ WDW at the beginning of the trip or at the end of one!)
  19. I want to visit DisneyLand, Hawaii and Greece someday!!
  20. I love my life and I can only thing of one thing that would make it any better and complete, that's a baby Tanner! We know that God will bless us with one when and if he finds the timing right!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Layla Grace

I don't have brothers and sisteres, anyone who knows me.. knows this. It had it's good things and bad things. When I married Andy, I got a whole new family to share. It's lots of fun. I suddenly became "Aunt Monica" to his nieces and nephews (2 of each!), which ironically are all close to my age and I grew up with them through church and school. Funny stuff. So....becoming Aunt Monica, has been interesting. I love and adore them all, but of course didn't get to "dote" on nieces and nephews. But.... now I am GREAT Aunt Monica! Aimee & Jason are proud parents of Ms.Layla Grace who arrived in February. She's a doll!! (And seems so tiny after my day last week with Nathaniel) I got to visit with her today, if only for a little while. Ahhh.... nothing like holding a baby! Now I need to get my act together and be a better Aunt Monica to one and all! I grew up with the greatest Aunt ever, Aunt Pansy (Yep, Pansy... like the MOM named her! What can ya do?) I spent so much time with her growing up and cherish her more than she knows! I need to work alot harder to even begin to measure up! I'll work on that.......

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Field Trip:

So I have this hard job, right? I mold young minds, scary huh? I love what I do!! I mean I really truly love what I do. I don't think I could teach in a public school, though I think about it from time to time. I love my "babies". Four year olds are the best. Everything you do is still "cool". They want to participate, they aren't "smart mouthed" yet, they can take care of their basic personal needs, they love to talk to you, they believe in magic, they use their imagination, they learn things so quickly..... Now, I wouldn't do an age younger... three year way! Four year olds, some five are my calling!! What other job do you get where you are told you are loved and beautiful or pretty daily? Pretty good for the self esteem!! Where else do you get to have amazing converstions all day long and sometimes laugh until you cry? I get presents too: flowers, bugs, weeds, rocks and handmade works of can't beat that! Today we had a field trip, I love those days! We went to visit a friend of mine who teaches kindergarten. It's always exciting to go visit "big school". We checked out the lunchroom and had a small tour, visited the library and then spent time in the classroom. The kids were nervous at first, but warmed up the longer we stayed there. I think it helps them get a better feel for what next year holds for them, it's not so scary after all. Then we went to a park for an Easter egg hunt, snack and playground fun! It was a great morning!! Here's 9 of 12 kids, the others didn't come. Such is life-

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baby Love

I am so smitten with my best friend's baby. Amy, you did good. Nathaniel is the happiest little fellow I've ever been around. (and I've been around ALOT of babies) He's just discovered his voice, which he uses..alot and at a level that is a little painful to the ears. I went to lunch with Amy & Nathaniel Friday when I arrived in McDonough. Have I mentioned that I LOVE it down there. If Andy thought he'd stay where he is for years to come, we'd consider moving. (But his staying at the same location is kinda iffy) It is the cutest little town down there and beautiful country just outside of the city limits. Off track, I know.....After lunch Amy went to help at a yard sale and I stayed with the munchkin. Man, I love this little guy. He chased a soccer ball for an hour, is that a sign? He laughed non stop and even put up with all my picture takin'! (Guess he's patient with his Mom the photographer and all) What can he do? Smile and go on..... Anyway... great day!! I am blessed with life long friends who put up with my baby obsessions, 21 years Amy... whew- That's alot laughs and alot of crap my dear. Thanks. May God Bless the Tanners with a cutie of our own soon!?!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Here I am with 9 days of spring break behind me and tomorrow it's back to work. Ugh! How time flies.... I can't say that I did anything exciting. I think I spent a total of 4 days at my house without leaving. (Though I did scrapbook some, cross stitch, read, clean and watch way too much TV!! The entire 6th season of Dawson's Creek being the major part) I did go to one round of the BellSouth Classic last weekend, that was awesome!! I saw "Failure to Launch" which is FANTASTIC!! I went pottery painting with the wee one. I got everything together for the last 6 weeks of school and spent an afternoon there organizing. I visited with my parents and grandparents. And I spent time with my best friend and her adorable cutie pa tootie twice! What more can a girl ask for? I shall count down my next 24 days of school! (Including 3 field trip days!) Only 63 more days until another cruise and that my friends....... is something to look forward too!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Guess now that I've been found out I outta find something more worth while to blab about. Hmp! Can't think of a thing. When did I get so old and boring? It's 6 days into my spring break with 4 to go .. and what have I done.. Nothing! I've cleaned "a little", scrapbooked "a little", read 1 trashy romance, went to the BellSouth Classic "ok that was fun", had dinner with my best friend and her baby "that's social", painted a plate at a pottery place and watched way way way way too much TV and way way way way too many movies!! That's it, sums it up! I need to get a life!!
#1) Why doesn't my profile pic show up on the page? It's in there, I see it in there...
#2) How do yall have your friends listed on your page?

And Kerri is having flash backs of picture posting on DS!