Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday at Disney

I never did finish up my trip report and we know how I like to ramble about that, so here goes.

Friday Andy decided to play golf @ Osprey Ridge, his favorite golf course @ Disney. He made reservations for a tee time and was off. He use to feel super bad about leaving me for a few hours and I've assured him how much I want him to enjoy playing. I have spent the days at the pool, at the park by myself or with friends there or this time just hanging out at the resort.

He said it was the best time he's had so far playing there and he's been playing for quite awhile now. He loves this course, says it's just really beautiful. He's played with a variety of really nice people and this gentleman was wonderful. He was actually a deaf man from Michigan who also comes all the time to Disney with his wife, he and Andy had a lot in common. He had a great day & early afternoon!!

He always tells me about the wildlife on the courses. It's very common to see deer & wild turkey, we see them when we stay @ Shades of Green all the time. We've seen gators & otters both pop up in lakes and streams around the entire Disney complex. On the golf course he's ran across raccoons from time to time, even trying to get food out of the golf cart!! This time they were warning people to watch their keys, cell phones, etc... and to not leave those in the cart either or raccoons would get those too. Pesky critters, so funny!!

While he was gone this time I was very lazy. I spent time online updating the blog, catching up on blog reading and junk. I walked around some winding pathways at the resort, wondered through stores and had lunch. It was a nice morning of laying low and resting. I would have loved to have had some hot sunshine to sit outside with a good book, but it wasn't in the cards for that Friday.

Here is a little tour around Port Orleans - Riverside. It was our first time staying there, all though we'd visited on several occasions. We have stayed at it's sister resort, Port Orleans - French Quarter twice. We love exploring the different resorts and seeing what they have to offer. This one is going on the favorites list and we're trying to book it again for the fall.

What I love about Disney resorts is that there is typically a ton to do just there alone, with the moderate & deluxe resorts anyway. This one offers cane pole fishing in a little pond, there are 4 quiet pools located throughout the resort and one large "theme" pool. There are paths to explore, gazebos, fountains, etc... There is a large playground and bar/grille near the pool area. They have a boat that will take you to the other Port Orleans resort or to downtown Disney and it's a nice little boat ride there and back. (Try it sometime from downtown Disney if you need an afternoon of something fun and free to do) There is an arcade and a few stores, like all Disney resorts. This one is one of several that offers carriage rides at night, though we never did do it. It looked fun and we stopped to visit the horses each night.

There's the fact you never have drive your car if you stay on Disney property, though we often do. If you choose to drive to a park, you get to park there free. The extra magic hours alone are enough to get me to stay there. The 3 hours in the evening when the parks are open to only Disney Resort guests are fantastic. You can often do more in those 3 hours than in the entire day at a park. The parks all rotate and one park is open 3 hours late and one is open an hour early every day. Then there's the general "magic" and feel of staying on property. I know, I know.. The thing is ... you either "get it" or you don't when it comes to Disney magic. I love the feel that the resorts give you from the time you wake up until you go to bed. I love the wonderful cast members that are so friendly, always smiling and really seem like they care about the job. (If they don't, the sure fake it well and earn their money) The silly towel animals from time to time in your room. The TV channels that play non stop Disney cartoons, Disney Radio, Disney Cruise & Disney Vacation promos, Resort & Park info and the regular "Disney tour" channel. I love those!!

So there ya go, are you sold?!!

A random view up the river towards the sister resort, Port Orleans French Quarter. You can take the boat there or it's about a 10 minute walk. Andy ran there and back on his morning runs.

This is the area where the shops, quickie place to eat, Boat Rights restaurant, shops, arcade, marina, etc... all is. There are tables and chairs outside, rocking chairs, very nice!!

This is the big "theme" pool. It's pretty cute with a slide and all sorts of "South decor". It's very large and has tons of seating all around, a very large kiddie pool and hot tubs.

We stayed on the "Magnolia Manor" side. It was suppose to resemble "old Southern mansions" . There were gazebos and fountains in between the buildings. The rooms (which you saw earlier) were sort of old Southern decor in style.

The other side is the "Alligator Bayou" with it's rooms more rustic in decor. Log style beds, quilts on the beds, etc.. We liked the looks of those rooms better, but we still loved where we stayed. This section is very popular among families of 5. It is the only "regular" (non-villa) resort that offers a pull out trundle bed for extra little munchkins. Very convenient! (So are the fridges in the rooms there) The Alligator Bayou does NOT have elevators and are 2 story buildings, just in case that is an issue for anyone thinking of booking. (see pics on

As with many moderate resorts, this one can be pretty large to get around. We were thankful for our wonderful room downstairs and right in between the parking lot (easy for going places in the car & unloading, packing) and only about a 5 minute walk to where the "stuff" is. I know, from experience at other resorts, that you can get pretty far away from the "stuff" and it's quite a hall to get to eat and back, to the buses and back, whatever.....

This is looking at the main "stuff" area. You can see the boat that goes to the other resort & downtown Disney, the building where we ate, bridge to Ole Man Island (where the pool and all is) etc.... The marina has those small sea racer ( Mickey) boats, medium size Boston whaler type of boats or pontoons to rent for fun. There is also a bike barn that rents bikes and/or surreys for up to families of 5.

Very pretty and homey feel kinda place. Can't wait to go back!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Raymond Cole Tanne

If there is one thing we've accomplished on this trip, it is officially naming our baby boy. We had chosen the name Raymond Cole 9 years ago when we were just talking about starting out family. Raymond was Andy's Dad's name and we love it. Cole was my MawMaw's (Mom's Mom) maiden name and we love it too. Over the years our list of names we like grew, but we kept coming back to this one. We really love it and plan to call our little guy, Cole!

Baby Cole meeting Mickey with his Mommy, I'm thinking he wont remember this one.

Our first official Disney shopping for baby Cole. His first blue "from Disney" t-shirt. (I say from Disney b/c my sister in law already bought him a Mickey shirt and I bought him a Mickey sweatshirt from Target!) We are getting blue shirts that match for our trip in the fall, imagine that! Cheesy huh?! I can't wait for cheesy!! Then his Daddy bought him his first "ESPN" shirt from the ESPN store too! You knew there had to be golf clubs in his future, Andy is calling him "my little golf buddy" already! We thought the Mickey clubs were quite appropriate!

This was the 30 minute stop at the Carter's Outlet before we ever got out of Georgia. Yikes!! We really got some GREAT clearance deals though!! (My sister in law is screaming "stop shopping" as she reads this!)

But in our defense.... see.... We had to prepare for that beach trip with the Tanner clan this summer!! He will be ready!!

Monday & Tuesday

We left rather late in the morning on Monday to travel down. I was very worried about how many "extra" stops we'd be needing to take with my pregnant status, it's always been pretty bad. Yikes!! Leaving later in the morning seemed to be the best choice because we didn't see traffic at all, ever, the entire drive!! We did stop a couple million times, what can I say? Even with those stops, a 30 minute shopping spree @ a Carters Outlet & lunch @ Shane's Rib Shack.... we still made it in 9 hours. Just an hour longer than normal and most of that was shopping & lunch. That was exciting!!

We arrived and checked in at Port Orleans Riverside without problems. It's the first time we've stayed at Riverside, though we've visited a handful of times. We stayed next door @ Port Orleans French Quarter twice. (Once being our honeymoon and once being our big two week vacation) This deal with pay for 4 nights, get 3 free is really an amazing deal!! It comes with a $200 gift card, we are on the dining plan and we bought one set of tickets with the deal. We just can't pass up a good Disney deal and are beside ourselves that there is an AMAZING military one this year as well!! (If you are military, ask for details!!) We can NOT WAIT to come back in the fall with our son!!

Tuesday we slept in, ate breakfast and went to Downtown Disney. We looked at the new "T-Rex" restaurant which is really quite neat. It's almost "just like" Rainforest Cafe, with a dino twist of course. Such a great place for little boys to enjoy!! We look forward to bringing our own little one back! They have a build a bear location, that is build a dino! We walked around, shopped some and visited the new "make a t-shirt store". It is super neat where you pick your t-shirt style, size, color and then decorate. You can choose from hundreds of characters or Disney logos, then add your own text. You have the ability to change the font, color and style of wording as well. I had intentions of making a t-shirt, but at the time didn't have a piece of information I needed. Then we ate a light lunch @ Rainforest!! We love that place for a few minutes to rest and they always have yummy food choices.

This picture was from the Lego store. That place is so neat and I expect a ton of legos are in my future!! We were cracking up at the Dad's building lego cars & racing them with their kiddos. One group of kids were begging their Daddy to come on "let's go" and he was still busy racing his car over and over.

We came back for nap time before our dinner reservations. We love going to visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge and seeing the animals. This trip it was coooollll at night after we ate though and we were sad that all the animals were in for the night. They have special "night vision" glasses out there for you to see the animals at night, if they are out. We'll have to try again in warmer weather. We ate at "Boma" for the first time there and LOVED it!! It's on the list of faves now too. It's a buffet with tons of choices. I was a little leery of what was on the menu with the African cuisine, since I'm such a "plain food" kinda girl. I found TONS of things I loved though and we'll for sure go back!!

Wednesday @ EPCOT & Hoop De Doo

Baby gets to visit EPCOT! We ate breakfast & headed over to EPCOT for the first half of the day. We were excited to see that crowds were super light. We got a fast pass to Soarin' and then went to visit Nemo & Friends. We tried to visit with Figment, but he wasn't around and "Journey into Imagination" was down. :( Andy went to ride Test Track as a single rider and I shopped and walked around. We walked around for a bit and then had lunch. We headed back for Soarin', which is truly one of our favorite if not TOP favorite ride these days! We walked around a little more and checked to see Imagination was still down. We rode Space Ship Earth wich is so cute with the new "personal" little videos at the end, what a cute touch!!! I decided 4 hours was all Baby and I could take without a nap and we headed back for rest time!!

If you haven't been to Hoop De Doo before, you really must go!! It's one of our favorite things to do and places to eat now! The food is fantastic, probably the best in the entire resort for us "plain food" kinda people. Fried Chicken, BBQ ribs, mashed taters, baked beans, a pan of cornbread & salad. All you want, brought in buckets and slammed on your table, giving you a slight heart attack!! The show is so quirky, country and a darn hoot!! It reminds us of something that should be in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge in the mountains with it's total hillbilly flare! The cast is very small, only 6 people. It is a really cute show though and you will laugh, a ton!! People of all ages can appreciate the show. There is audience participation with clapping and singing along, it's a rowdy and fun evening!!

The show is at the Campground and visiting there is an adventure in itself. You can get there by bus (you have to take two), drive (and then take the internal bus) or boat. There is so much to see and do there if you have extra days to visit. They have horse back riding, trails, Mickey's Back Yard BBQ, movies on a big screen outside, wagon rides & carriage rides. It's a HUGE and really neat place!!

This is a video of the "dessert song". They are singing about the strawberry shortcake which is about to be delivered to the tables. We were seated near the back which are still great seats b/c the characters come into the audience continually. Last time we were at the table next to the stage. The video isn't great b/c of where we were, but you get the idea. The building is kind of like the one that houses the "Country Bear Jamboree", cute cute cute!

Thursday @ Magic Kingdom and Chef Mickey's

This picture isn't my "typical" small world photo. Though, I took tons in there. What can I say? This one is special for our niece, Miss Layla. Girl... it seems we ran into some of your friend George's family members. We thought of you!!!

This would be Andy Lee covering up MY score on Buzz. Frankly, b/c I kicked his rear!! He didn't want proof!! My score was 999,999 seriously. His was somewhere around 72,000. I am the champion!

If this looks like an odd angle, well... it is. They have a crane up there taking the lights off the castle and thus, we have a view trying to avoid the crane!

Chef Mickey's is always just fun and we like the buffet there. You can't go wrong with turkey pot pie, mashed taters, cheesy hashbrown taters (you see a pattern here?), baked chicken and desserts out the wazoo. Those were just my favorites! Plus all the character friend time you could possibly want. Contemporary is still my favorite resort, strange as that may be because it isn't the most "themey" for sure. I still love it there and am thankful for the two trips where we got to stay there!!

Thursday was fun! We got up, ate breakfast and were off. Does that sound like we got an early start to you? We didn't. It was late morning before we made it to the Magic Kingdom. Riding the monorail over is absolutely one of the things that just makes me smile!! We rode Haunted Mansion and then got a fast pass for Peter Pan. (Which no matter what always has the longest wait of anything there.) Then baby reminded me I was already in need of lunch. We ate and headed to Tomorrowland for Buzz and People Mover. (Ok, so they try to call it TTA now, whatever) Then back to Fantasyland for Mickey's Philharmagic (I love that), Small World, Snow White and Peter Pan. We walked around a little and headed back towards Main Street. We shopped some and fought the crowds already gathered for parade time. Yikes!!

Edit: Let me come back to add. When I say fought parade crowds, that was the ONLY time we saw crowds! The average wait for anything, even in Fantasyland where they tend to be long was about 15 minutes. This is one of the least crowded times we've ever seen and we are going to remember this week to visit again. Yes, it's cooler than normal. If you don't want to wait in hour long rides while melting though, it's a GREAT time to be here!! ((Unlike New Years and President's Week which were NIGHTMARE crowd status where we saw parks closing due to insane crowds!))

We headed back for my nap time, with all intentions of returning in the evening for a few more things. We wanted to do Pirates for sure and Tiki Room was also on the list. It was Spectro Magic night and that is one of my absolute Disney faves & must sees!! However; it didn't quite work out that way. Chef Mickey's took longer than we imagined, not because we weren't moving along either. (And no, it wasn't b/c I was waiting on characters. I was willing to skip a few.) It just happened. By the time we were done and with the Magic Kingdom closing @ 8:00. It just wasn't possible for us to get back over there and have any time left in the park. We knew we'd fight crowds on Main Street again to get in and out of the park, around parade time. We eventually decided it just wasn't worth the effort and gave it up.

We came back here and wondered around for a bit, amazed at the 20 or so kids in the pool!! (It was in the high 40s by then!!) Cold is always a relative word it seems......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

We're Off!! We're leaving in the morning to take baby boy Tanner on his first Disney Trip. He might as well get use to it. One thing is for sure, he wont require any luggage or extra planning at this point! We'll be there for 6 nights and all we have planned is our favorite places to eat!!!!! Stay tuned....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A look into our exciting week!

Baby @ 6 wks. Ya gotta look close! It was such an amazing thing that day to hear Ms. Sonogram say "there's somebody home!!" Already with a beating heart, the whole little being was beating. It was amazing!! (October)

Baby @ 18 wks. Wow, such a miracle! We were able to see all HIS little bones and organs. She said he looks perfect. He was moving his little hands around, opening and shutting his mouth while we watched!! (January 6)

Baby BOY PROOF!! From this view we had a nice hiney shot!!

We were so excited on Tuesday to finally KNOW for sure that baby is a baby boy! Andy is of course beside himself. We went to eat and then shopping!! It was amazing to walk in a store for the first time in my life buying things for OUR SON!! We've been buying "one in pink and one in blue" for so long now, I can't describe what knowing is like!!

These are the things we got in Tadpoles, my favorite consignment store!!

This is the "loot" from Babies R Us! I can't wait for him to have the little stuffed doggie and always be able to say "my Mommy & Daddy bought this the day they found out I was a boy". Watching Andy pick out the golf clothes was so much fun, he's excited about his "little golf buddy" as he calls him.

We also bought my parents a sports piggie bank to take to them in order to let them know. I'd called them right after we left the doctor office to tell them we knew, but we weren't telling them yet. Mom wasn't pleased she had to wait. Three hours later when we showed up at their house she came running out the door fussing at me to tell her!!

My kids at school had voted on Tuesday on what they thought I was having, I forgot to take a picture of the full vote. Here is the "boys side" though. All the boys & one girl voted for a boy. They were excited when I told them for sure and one little friend kept telling everyone who came in our room "Ms. Tanner is having a baby brother"! So funny!!

My wonderful friend, Shelley, decorated my door! Everyone is so excited to share the experience with us and it's been so much fun!!
I have now put all of the "pink stuff" into two (very large) plastic boxes. It will wait to see if we are chosen to be the parents of a baby girl or boy through adoption. It would be fantastic to have one of each eventually, but it will be just as amazing to have two brothers grow up together. We will wait to see what God has planned for the Tanner's!!! His plan is way bigger than ours!!!

What a week!!
We thank God for his blessing!!!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

Boy or Girl
-go over to the right to vote-

The excitement builds. I couldn't sleep last night because I am so excited!! Tonight & then tomorrow will be even more exciting. How in the world do you NOT find out? Two of my greatest friends (Amy & Amy that would be both of you) drove me NUTS by not finding out. I will melt tomorrow if for some reason they can't tell for sure, yes I've been warned by some of you. (Misty) I have been given advice to drink a coke & eat a candy bar (Andrea) or to at least drink something sweet (Molly & Aimee). Andy says he's pouring a Mountain Dew down me in the waiting room. He is about to burst even more than me!!

Yesterday (after church and before lunch, when you go early you have to spend your extra time somewhere) I lost him in Target and he turned up on the aisle that houses Hot Wheels. I should have known!! :) The man still has his box of 100s from when he was little. He says that if it's a boy he is starting his sons collection immediately. As we walked away he said "or Barbies I guess". LOL!!!!

Will there be pink dresses with matching bows, tea parties, ballet lessons, pink and purple rooms, waiting to meet a Princess, art projects, friend drama and prom dresses in my future?

Will there be jeans with holes, train sets, dirt pies, football practice, army men, bathroom humor, waiting to meet a Super Hero, building with blocks, black eyes and fast cars in my future?

It's so very exciting. I had a moment of panic last night (I've done so well this 4 weeks though) and told Andy ... "there are horror stories of waiting to see your baby only to see that something might be wrong". I have to confess that it terrifies me. I know in my heart that God is in control though and no amount of worry will change his plan. Andy said "and what if there is, what can you do?" Followed by "there are so many more great stories though". I commit to being full of faith tomorrow, I pray God gives me only happy thoughts during this exciting time and I trust God who IS in control!!!!

So as excited (and as much as I keep talking about it) to find out if we are having a boy or girl. Know that in my heart the most important thing is that we have a healthy baby in there! I pray every day (over and over) that his or her heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and other organs are all doing their jobs and stay healthy and strong. I pray for their senses: for their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands & feet. I pray for their health and safety, their future and happiness. I pray these same prayers (and others for them and their birthmom) for our baby through adoption that we also hope to meet this year!

For now the excitement is more than I can stand. I am itching to go shopping today and then just take back some stuff later in the week! I have stayed home all last week from shopping because I'm so drawn to the baby section. This weekend when Andy & I went out, it was soooo hard to not buy everything I picked up. (Those sales are hard to resist) I whined to Andy yesterday "I just want to go to Babies R Us soooooo bad!!!" He assured me we could go if I promised to by only neutral stuff....and so I wait! Tomorrow though, tomorrow I will be there... in the evening.... after our 4:00 appointment.... I will go in there with excitement like that place has never seen!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking back at 2008
Looking forward to 2009

2008- We completed our paperwork and were officially approved for adoption on May 28th. While waiting we got the surprise of a lifetime when we found out I was pregnant. In the words of my Mom “You’re WHAT?”!


2009- Will be the year we become parents, we couldn’t be more excited. We hope & pray that if it’s God’s plan, we will be the parents of two little ones by the years end!! Continuing being active with adoption!


2008- We spent time at Disney in January, took two cruises, spent a week at the beach with family and took a weekend trip to the mountains in the fall. (Which was Baby’s first vacation, but we didn’t know it then!)

Disney January 08. This is one of my favorite pics of us ever.
It's so "us"!! Taken ourselves, truly relaxed & thrilled to be on a 9 night
vacation to our favorite place!!

In Belize on one of our two cruises in 2008.
Both were absolutely wonderful trips!!

In Gulf Shores with part of the Tanner clan this summer.
Eating at Lulu's & taking one of our famous "self portrait" shots.
Andy is forever making faces and I end up taking tons of pictures.

2009- We look forward to our last “just us” Disney trip in January. We plan on heading back to the beach with family for a week, little one (or little ones) in tow! We are also talking about taking little one (or ones) to Disney around Christmas!


2008- Andy went to two schools; one in Boston & one in California. While Bostom was cold and miserable in the winter, he was able to spend two afternoons soaking up the sights of San Fransisco and he loved it! He spent some time at various locations on weekends, including the traditional Fort Stewart around Savannah.

Andy's home away from home when he was in California, looks cozy huh?

The seals that hang out on Pier 39 in San Fransisco. Amazing huh? He called me and I could hear them "barking" on the phone, so neat. (and it made me cry b/c he was doing something amazing and new that I wasn't there for)

2009- Andy’s schools are done for the foreseeable future, yippee! He is moving in March to the Chief of Staff office where life should be easier and travel almost non-existent. We’re excited! With a little one (or ones) on the way, it will be nice to have him home all the time. (although him traveling on weekends here and there isn’t that horrible compared to so many whose family member is deployed)


2008- My parents sold their house, fought regulations out the wazoo and finally got their new house built and all moved in before Christmas! (1 & ½ miles from their previous one and still just 13 miles from us)

Parents all moved in....

2009- They will start the pool in January after even more legal hullabaloo and a court date, but it should be all done and ready to go by spring! Mom bought a bassinet for the baby (or babies) and is looking for more of her own “baby stuff” too!


2008- We pretty much completed the nursery! (other than waiting to know if we have a boy or girl, details..)

One view of the nursery, I can't wait to add pink flowers or blue birds
and their name on the wall in just a week or two!!!

2009- We look forward to bringing baby home! Now we wait to see when we need to add a 2nd baby bed in that room and prepare a 2nd baby room too!!


2008- We welcomed two new great nephews into the Tanner family, within 4 months! Plus added a sweet niece through marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Luke Tanner

Layla keeping her brother Tanner & cousin Trey straight.

2009- We look forward to seeing what God has planned for our entire family in the coming year! Mark, Trisha & Trey are moving to Savannah and following God with a Faith that I hope to learn from.


2008- I lost some weight, gained some weight, lost some weight, gained some weight, well… you get the idea. By the fall I was not able to wear most of my “regular” clothes, though it was a welcome sign!

16 week baby bump

2009- It really makes me smile with each pound I gain now and as my belly grows a little bigger week by week. It makes me feel secure that little one is growing just like he or she should in there. I see the “yikes, I need to loose weight” returning in late summer.


2008- It was really an amazing year for us. I know people are truly suffering with the economy, loosing jobs and making huge sacrifices. I thank the Lord for the security of our jobs, the comfort of our home and the ability to still be able to travel and do some of the "extras" we enjoy. We are truly blessed, thankful and appreciative for what we have. We have the love of the Lord, an amazing family and we have each other!

We set goals for the adoption process and really got things done in pretty amazing time. I can't begin to explain how awesome it was when we got the final approval and it felt like such a beginning of something so big. We are just as excited about that process today as we were when we began!! We feel so good about open adoption!

I had a fantastic summer that Andy was able to take time off for and enjoy much of as well. I went to the lake with my parents twice a week, spent one day a week at my brother & sister in laws pool and read a ton of books. (Finding a new favorite author Jodi Picoult, thanks Dawn!) It was a lazy summer, just perfect!!

It was a year of huge surprises and huge anxiety. I am not sure I have ever been as surprised as the day I decided to take "the test" and realized I wasn't going through early menopause (like I questioned about with Dawn), but was pregnant! Shocking Andy, then our family and friends was absolutely so much fun! (I'm not sure who my favorite surprises were: Andy, my parents or Aimee) I have to confess that worry took over and clung to me like a bad cold I couldn't shake. I spent way too much time in my first trimester absolutely terrified that something would go wrong. I read way too many sad stories and googled way too many "what ifs". There is a certain danger that goes with too much information at your fingertips. The 1st ultrasound @ 6 wks. was breath taking to see that little beating heart, but it really didn't ease my worry for the following months. Hearing the heartbeat again at 14 wks with Andy by my side, a wonderful doctor who was so assuring and the 1st trimester behind us ... was like a big sigh of relief and a celebration of sorts. I have prayed and prayed that I would trust God, after all this is his child and totally his blessing. My sister in law said in conversation over Christmas that fear is basically "a lack of faith", she's so right! I'm working on it!

2009- It's going to be a year of blessings, family and change around our house! It'll be the year we become "Mommy" & "Daddy", it makes me cry just to say that! (Hopefully we'll become Mommy & Daddy twice over!) It's going to be a lot of sleepless nights, more worrying about what to do about this or that and I imagine some sheer terror at the job of parenting that awaits us. It's going to be much more than that though. It's going to be a year we experience more joy and amazement at God's miracles than ever before!! It's going to be a year of first smiles, first giggles, first time rolling over and first Holidays with little ones!

It's going to be a year of family like never before as we rely on them for answers & help, sharing the fun and love of a growing family. It's going to be a year of travel like we've never experienced with a little one (or little ones) with us, it's something we've looked forward too for so many years!! It's going to be a year of faith like we've never known as we can do nothing more than try our best and ask God to help us become the best parents we can be.

The future at the Tanner house is bright my friends and family, stay tuned to see what God has in store!!