Saturday, September 29, 2007

Planet Earth

I have to get off the subject of my vacation for a moment. Have you seen the Planet Earth shows on TV?? We have caught a couple of them here & there. I am 100% obsessed with them. They take my breathe away, intrigue me to no end and make me stop and remember how awesome our God is! I told Andy that I wanted them for Christmas for sure and he ended up getting them for my birthday. (Like my vacation wasn't enough, silly boy) The first night we watched the "Ocean's Deep" episode. Unreal, the things that live down there miles and miles below sea level. It is mind blowing. Then last night we watched "Shallow Seas" again, amazing!

The fact that God could have just thrown a few species of fish & mammals it the ocean & called it a day. Instead he made millions of kids of fish, mammals, plants, organisms. They all work together to live & thrive. The beauty is in the details. The episode brought tears to my eyes on a number of occasions, silly huh?! We live in a beautiful world, beauty in places that we never even realize!

The episodes are: from pole to pole, mountains, fresh water, caves, desserts, ice worlds, great plains, jungles, shallow seas, seasonal forests, oceans deep, saving species, into the wilderness & living together. I can't wait to watch jungles tonight!

I HIGHLY recommend every household invest in the DVD set. I think it should be a "must see" for anyone after the age of about 10 or 11. The man who narrates makes me think I am at EPCOT in an area there. I am sure younger kids would never sit through the hour episodes, but older kids should see them too! If I were a science teacher, I'd have them in my curriculum for sure! There are all these amazing things that I'm learning!!!!

Each episode also has a 10-15 minute "diary" at the end. It shows & tells how they got some of the amazing shots for that episode. It's good stuff!!

Edit: Wowie! Just watched the Jungle episode. I have to warn that it's rated R due to frolicking frogs! HOLY MOLY~ Did you know that frogs only hear the sounds made by their same species? In the jungle the bugs & insects who make noises time it so they are making their sound between the others. The 6:00 Cicada (sp?) "sings" exactly on time though. There is a family of chimps in Africa that has 150 family members, the biggest known group. They fight and then EAT the enemy chimp families!! Ok, I'll stop. You really MUST watch these though!

(Now back to your regularly scheduled vacation stories)

Friday, September 28, 2007


After breakfast and packing the last few items, we were off to Port Canaveral. We arrived for check in about 12:45 and it wasn't overly crowded. I think other cruise lines seriously need to check into how Disney loads & unloads, they have it down to an art that works! We were in the terminal, checked in and stepping on board all within about 45 minutes. We were able to use the "Castaway Cay Club" line b/c it was our second Disney cruise, BUT we watched people in the other line and they were at the counter at the same time we were. Both lines were moving quickly and smoothly!

You have to love stepping on board and them saying "Welcome Tanner family" and everyone clapping for you, too funny! It was time to drop stuff off in the room before finding lunch. We were excited to find a yummy dessert tray from Jo (amazing, thanks again) and Mom & Dad had a cheese & fruit tray (also amazing and yummy)! We had a big ole' bag of free stuff from being in the Castaway Club too! And yep, that's sparkling apple cider, come on.... you know us!

We found the lunch buffet and stuffed ourselves silly yet again. They had strawberry soup on the buffet and I was in heaven. (It's typically my favorite appetizer and served one night on most ships) We walked around to check out the ship before heading back to the our rooms and seeing our luggage already there, fast! We grabbed the life jackets and were off to the safety briefing. (Gotta love that Disney let's you meet inside in an area for the spill instead of standing outside on the decks in the hot sun stuffed together and melting with those life jackets on)

Then Andy & I went to book our excursion in Nassau down at the desk where there wasn't a soul in line (how amazing is that in itself) and it took all of about 3 minutes. (Though if they are crowded it would be good if they would adopt the "book excursion" on the TV in your room thing that other lines have) We were then off to the sail away party.

Bon Voyage

Before you know it you've walked around the ship and it's time to get ready for a show & dinner. The "Hercules" show is a hoot and we loved it more this time than last. The up to date jokes are HILARIOUS and the cast is so talented! We had a few minutes for looking in the stores before heading to dinner.

Our servers, JoJo & Diana, were the BEST we've ever had on any ship!! I was anxious to remind them of that on many occasions. They were very quick, very personal and generally rocked! We truly enjoyed getting to know them better through the week!

After our late dinner Andy & I were tired and headed to bed, we needed to be up and ready to go fairly early in Nassau. Mom & Dad watched the "newlywed" game show and had a ball!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We ate breakfast and spend the morning repacking for our cruise. It was rainy and we waited until most of the rain left as well. Then we were off to the Magic Kingdom around noon. We went to Ray's Cafe or whatever it's called in Tomorrowland. Cute alien in there, didn't even know he was there. For some reason we've never eaten there, strange but true. We had lunch and were off to conquer the Magic Kingdom.

We rode Buzz (again), saw Monster's Inc. (I want to love it, but I just don't), saw "Carousel of Progress" and I let Mom talk me out of People Mover. (ugh) We moved on to Peter Pan & Small World in Fantasyland. Then on down to Haunted Mansion, Country Bear Jamboree and a Jungle Cruise. We did a little shopping and it was time for supper.

We had reservations for Crystal Palace! We've all eaten there several times before and are already booked again for October. The food's pretty good and I'm a big Winnie the Pooh and friend's fan. (I know, I know ... it's true though!)

It was a great day. The rain really cooled the temps down thank goodness. We packed alot into our day since it wasn't even a full one. I went back and "forced" a Minnie Mouse ice cream bar down even after all the other food. Ugh! But, you HAVE to use those snack credits, right?! We all came home with ALOT of rice crispy Mickey's!!! YUMMO~ Nothing like it for breakfast at home.

For the first time ever, I leave WDW with a smile on my face. Andy kept trying to make me cry with "When you wish upon a star...." and "goodbye Mickey"... He just couldn't make me sad though, I told him Mickey and the magic were going with us! He says "oh yeah......"!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Tuesday morning was spent at the pool after breakfast. We decided to wait until a little later in the day to head to EPCOT. We ended up at the park a little after noon. It was cloudy on and off, thankfully that kept the temps down a little. And Mom & Dad were able to use our tickets (that came with the package deal) and get in again without paying extra. I'd wondered about that alot and it was nice that they got to use them! (afterall, we didn't need them... he he he he)

Mom & Dad enjoyed "Nemo" for the first time, but still missed Turtle Talk! I really wanted them to see that, but we missed the show just starting and didn't want to hang around too long. We did get to see them feeding the fish in the "Nemo Like" aquariums and it was pretty neat! Then we moved onto the Land and Dad's favorite ride. (The boat ride through the green house. Dad & Andy rode it 4 times in a row while Mom & I saw the last show of "Food Rocks" before it went away, several years ago.)

*I have to share a story: It's not exactly posting public worthy, if you think about it .. ask me to tell you about the land boat ride story!*

We got fast passes for Soarin' for that evening (the line was over an hour) and were off to visit our Imaginations. I LOVE Figment! He wasn't out for a visit and that made me sad. Moving right along and into an afternoon rain shower, we decided to use our first snack credit. We went different ways to pick a snack and sit for awhile under a shelter. The rain passed and we parted ways. Mom & Dad headed to the Universe of Energy (ugh) while Andy & I went to Test Track.

We ventured into Mexico and took a boat ride. Skipped a boat ride in Norway b/c it was having issues and the line was backing up. Then moved into China to watch the movie there and walk around some. Then it was time to head to Germany and get ready for dinner @ Biergarten.

Dinner was fantastic. I enjoyed it MUCH better than the first time! I tried all sorts of new foods and loved most of it. The show was fun as usual and Mom & Dad enjoyed themselves too. We never made it to the other half of "the world". It was time for our fast passes to Soarin' and we weren't about to miss that.

Mom & Dad LOVED their first Soarin' fight!! It is for sure one of our (Andy & me) favorite things to do in all of WDW now!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! (Thanks to the guys & girls who assured me that I wouldn't get sick that first time and told me to ride it!)

We were tired and called it a night. I couldn't believe Dad was tired enough to even skip a ride in "the golf ball" as he calls it. It was another great day!


We got up and had breakfast before heading to MGM. We were at the park by about 9:30ish and on a roll. Mom had to take the wheelchair and she wasn't thrilled about that, but it worked out just fine. We saw the "Little Mermaid" show, too cute!

We did the animation walk through thingy, including the drawing class. We drew Donald Duck and I still think he's the hardest that we've drawn so far. I would have stayed for a few more classes, but they were ready to move on. I LOVE that thing, it's my favorite!! We saw Frozone in there as well. I wanted to stay for Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, plus Remy ... I didn't get my way.

We rode "The Great Movie Ride" and then it was time for our lunch reservations. We made our way over to "Mama Melrose's" for lunch. YUMMY!! Again, we were stuffed and not a single one of us finished everything. Appetizer, meal and dessert is just ALOT of food for anyone!!! (especially at lunch, wowie!) We moved on to "Muppet 3D" and then the "Walt" walk through thingy. I LOVE that movie in there!!

We skipped "Backstage" b/c of the line being about 45 minutes. All the other lines were about 10 minutes and we just didn't want to stand out in the HOT sun that long. Rock n Roller was down for rehab and since we were stuffed from lunch, we decided Tower wasn't a good choice. We wanted Mom & Dad to see the Stunt Show, but it wasn't going on again for about 3 hours. We decided that half a day was long enough in the heat and we were outta there. It was near impossible to get out of the park, everyone was lining up for the parade. So we saw the parade (which I LOVE) and were off.

We spent the afternoon by the Goofy pool. It was a great way to wind down! Mom & Dad stayed at the pool longer and ate dinner at the resort. Andy & I got ready and were off for an evening at the Magic Kingdom. We rode Buzz (again), Jungle Cruise, Pirates and something else... I can't think now. We saw part of the electrical parade (my all time favorite part of any Disney trip, though I still miss "Spectromagic") while we ate a quick burger and then called it a night.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fun Scenes around the Magic Kingdom!

Spot the hidden Mickey-

Awww, I love this one!

And this one...

How cute is this? The Pumpkin People (as Amber is calling them) are everywhere!

Fall decorations with temps around 89 was kinda strange. Still, I LOVE fall and the decorations!
Very very cute!!


On Sunday Andy & I headed to breakfast about 8:00 and were just sure we could eat quickly and still make it to the opening of the Magic Kingdom if we hurried. Wrong! Eventually we'll make it, not this trip. We did get there by about 10:00 though and were so excited to see the Haunted Mansion in all it's refurbished glory. I was sooooo excited to see the park already decked out for fall & Halloween. I wish we could have done the "Not so scary party", but that'll just give me something to look forward to for next year!

We thought that it would be closed to "others" since the sneak peak was for annual pass members. Not true, it was open to everyone and we just had a quickie by pass line. It was fantastic!! The new things fit in perfectly, nothing is taken away from the "classic" ride. What is changed only adds to the experience and I give it two serious thumbs up!!

We visited with Horace and we rode Big Thunder Mountain. We bought a Brer Rabbit book and rode Buzz! I kicked Andy's rear too, might I add!!

Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch with Mom & Dad. Then it was serious pool time for the afternoon. With the big pool closed, the smaller one was packed. It was a great afternoon in the sun though.

Then we were off to Cape May Cafe @ the Beach Club and that's always fun! Andy & I LOVE that place too! It rained while we were eating and waited for it to stop so that we could walk around the Beach & Yacht club and the Boardwalk. We'd walk outside and start around the path, then it would rain again. We eventually decided to call it a night and head on back.


We had a very easy 7 hour trip down on Saturday! Check in was easy squeezy at All Star Sports and our rooms were super close to "the fun"! We were sad that we weren't able to use the "big fun" pool that was right by our building, it was closed for a rehab. Such is life and the Goofy Baseball pool was good to us.

Our rooms were fantastic. They had already done the refurbishment to our section of the "Surfs Up" hotel and we had brand new rooms! New carpet, new paint, new furniture & new bedding. While the bedding was a little itchy, the paint & carpet a little smelly ... we really liked what they were doing with the place. It was in serious need of a rehab when we were there in May and it was due for sure!

After check in and unpacking it was time to head to Olivia's for dinner. Our very first experience with the dinning plan and HOLY MOLY! You just can't eat that much food, but boy did we try. My Dad has been saying "I almost hurt myself that first night" because he tried to eat everything! We kept saying SERIOUSLY, we can order appetizers, meals, drinks and desserts .. it's ALL FREE??? Are you SURE?? Tip included... and it's a hefty tip. Amazing, FREE~

A special shout out to Terry again for introducing us to Olivia's!! Man, that place is so darn good, cute cute place and easy to get into!! Cheesy potatoes are what I live for at that place, the key lime tart too ... wowie zowie!

And thanks to Jo too, you did good work girlfriend!

After dinner we headed back for turning in early on night one!

Mom & Dad at Old Key West, outside of Olivia's.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Who is headed back to Disney World on Saturday for 5 nights?
Who is just as excited about this trip as they were about the past 3 already this year?
Who has reservations already made for the October trip?

Who leaves next Thursday for the Disney Cruise? (again)
Who CAN NOT wait??

He he he he he......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

August Reading

August ends with me reading only 9 books, that's surely down from the previous summer months. That's a grand total of 48 books worth of summer reading!! What a summer. August was busy & obviously I started seriously getting ready for school and became busy, busy, busy. I guess my reading will continue to go slowly as school stays busy, I crochet a baby blanket or two, I return to cross stitching and life marches on.

My top 3:
(because the others were all trashy romance)

3) "Up Close & Personal" - Fern Michaels. She's always a super favorite author. Typically it's romance with a little mystery or suspense thrown in here and there.

2) "Savannah Comes UnDone" - Denise Hildreth. It's one of the series I started in July. My FAVORITE author of the summer!!! I will read her three books in the Savannah series again very soon!!

P. 9 "I couldn't have been more thankful than a 75 year old Southern woman on beauty shop day"

P. 47 "I'm going to stomp you into the pavement, you little sucker!" screamed the woman who was too ladylike to say butt only moments before...."

1) "Savannah From Savannah" - Denise Hildreth. The one that starts it all. I didn't read these in order and it didn't change my life. But... I'd recommend that you start, well.. at the beginning with this one.

P. 57 "I have never passed a bookstore without going inside; it's sacrilegious"

P. 315 "Why can't some people just leave well enough alone? Attack me, talk about my clothes, make cracks about my flip flops, I don't care; but for heaven's sake, when they talk about my mamma, they leave me no option."

P. 314 "In his heart a man plans his course, but God determines his steps."

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Welcome to my town!

I have a new camera (that I am SO proud of) and decided to take it out yesterday for a spin. I had a local waterfall in mind, but that didn't work out (I'll go back) so I decided to head downtown instead. So, here it is in all it's glory.

This is Dallas, Georgia. We moved here when we got married 8 years ago. It's the next door neighbor to the town we grew up in, Powder Springs. Hope you enjoy the tour!

City Hall
(one building of it anyway. The one I've actually been in
for tags, tax stuff, etc... is across the street & not
as pretty.)

The local pharmacy. There is a pharmacy similar in Powder Springs, my parents use it. (It's called Cooper's) They know you by name and even make deliveries.

A look downtown. There are a few places to eat, the old theater where things are held occasionally, several antique shops, a tattoo place and a new "girly" store with cutsie
stuff and they have parties for little girls.

Sign left from the morning's farmer's market.
Powder Springs (our neighboring town where we grew up:
where we go to church, my parents live & I work) also
has a farmer's market downtown on Thursdays mornings.

Water fountain downtown on the square.

The history of Paulding County, posted at city hall.
There you have it in all it's glory.

First Baptist Church of Dallas
(It burned a couple of years ago and has only been totally back up and running in their new building for a few months. It's beautiful and looks almost identical to the old building.)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

September 1st

What better sign of fall is there th
an college football??

SEC football to be more specific and UGA football is the only way to go!

I am so excited and only wish that I could be there!
Instead I'll watch from home wearing my bulldog clothes,
scream "Go Dawgs" and remember

the old days of being on the sidelines for every game!

Owww, the good old days. I have my very own official copy of this cover!

Back in the day... picture day in ... 2006. Me & Hairy Dog!!

Again, from back in the day... Adam Meadows! Who I had grown up with, we lived in the same neighborhood when we were little. Went to school together through high school & @ UGA. I told him I should have him sign this photo and I could say "I knew him when..." he laughed at me. He's currently a Denver Bronco after a 2 year hiatus from the NFL.