Monday, September 24, 2007


On Sunday Andy & I headed to breakfast about 8:00 and were just sure we could eat quickly and still make it to the opening of the Magic Kingdom if we hurried. Wrong! Eventually we'll make it, not this trip. We did get there by about 10:00 though and were so excited to see the Haunted Mansion in all it's refurbished glory. I was sooooo excited to see the park already decked out for fall & Halloween. I wish we could have done the "Not so scary party", but that'll just give me something to look forward to for next year!

We thought that it would be closed to "others" since the sneak peak was for annual pass members. Not true, it was open to everyone and we just had a quickie by pass line. It was fantastic!! The new things fit in perfectly, nothing is taken away from the "classic" ride. What is changed only adds to the experience and I give it two serious thumbs up!!

We visited with Horace and we rode Big Thunder Mountain. We bought a Brer Rabbit book and rode Buzz! I kicked Andy's rear too, might I add!!

Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch with Mom & Dad. Then it was serious pool time for the afternoon. With the big pool closed, the smaller one was packed. It was a great afternoon in the sun though.

Then we were off to Cape May Cafe @ the Beach Club and that's always fun! Andy & I LOVE that place too! It rained while we were eating and waited for it to stop so that we could walk around the Beach & Yacht club and the Boardwalk. We'd walk outside and start around the path, then it would rain again. We eventually decided to call it a night and head on back.