Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We got up and had breakfast before heading to MGM. We were at the park by about 9:30ish and on a roll. Mom had to take the wheelchair and she wasn't thrilled about that, but it worked out just fine. We saw the "Little Mermaid" show, too cute!

We did the animation walk through thingy, including the drawing class. We drew Donald Duck and I still think he's the hardest that we've drawn so far. I would have stayed for a few more classes, but they were ready to move on. I LOVE that thing, it's my favorite!! We saw Frozone in there as well. I wanted to stay for Mr. & Mrs. Incredible, plus Remy ... I didn't get my way.

We rode "The Great Movie Ride" and then it was time for our lunch reservations. We made our way over to "Mama Melrose's" for lunch. YUMMY!! Again, we were stuffed and not a single one of us finished everything. Appetizer, meal and dessert is just ALOT of food for anyone!!! (especially at lunch, wowie!) We moved on to "Muppet 3D" and then the "Walt" walk through thingy. I LOVE that movie in there!!

We skipped "Backstage" b/c of the line being about 45 minutes. All the other lines were about 10 minutes and we just didn't want to stand out in the HOT sun that long. Rock n Roller was down for rehab and since we were stuffed from lunch, we decided Tower wasn't a good choice. We wanted Mom & Dad to see the Stunt Show, but it wasn't going on again for about 3 hours. We decided that half a day was long enough in the heat and we were outta there. It was near impossible to get out of the park, everyone was lining up for the parade. So we saw the parade (which I LOVE) and were off.

We spent the afternoon by the Goofy pool. It was a great way to wind down! Mom & Dad stayed at the pool longer and ate dinner at the resort. Andy & I got ready and were off for an evening at the Magic Kingdom. We rode Buzz (again), Jungle Cruise, Pirates and something else... I can't think now. We saw part of the electrical parade (my all time favorite part of any Disney trip, though I still miss "Spectromagic") while we ate a quick burger and then called it a night.