Saturday, September 29, 2007

Planet Earth

I have to get off the subject of my vacation for a moment. Have you seen the Planet Earth shows on TV?? We have caught a couple of them here & there. I am 100% obsessed with them. They take my breathe away, intrigue me to no end and make me stop and remember how awesome our God is! I told Andy that I wanted them for Christmas for sure and he ended up getting them for my birthday. (Like my vacation wasn't enough, silly boy) The first night we watched the "Ocean's Deep" episode. Unreal, the things that live down there miles and miles below sea level. It is mind blowing. Then last night we watched "Shallow Seas" again, amazing!

The fact that God could have just thrown a few species of fish & mammals it the ocean & called it a day. Instead he made millions of kids of fish, mammals, plants, organisms. They all work together to live & thrive. The beauty is in the details. The episode brought tears to my eyes on a number of occasions, silly huh?! We live in a beautiful world, beauty in places that we never even realize!

The episodes are: from pole to pole, mountains, fresh water, caves, desserts, ice worlds, great plains, jungles, shallow seas, seasonal forests, oceans deep, saving species, into the wilderness & living together. I can't wait to watch jungles tonight!

I HIGHLY recommend every household invest in the DVD set. I think it should be a "must see" for anyone after the age of about 10 or 11. The man who narrates makes me think I am at EPCOT in an area there. I am sure younger kids would never sit through the hour episodes, but older kids should see them too! If I were a science teacher, I'd have them in my curriculum for sure! There are all these amazing things that I'm learning!!!!

Each episode also has a 10-15 minute "diary" at the end. It shows & tells how they got some of the amazing shots for that episode. It's good stuff!!

Edit: Wowie! Just watched the Jungle episode. I have to warn that it's rated R due to frolicking frogs! HOLY MOLY~ Did you know that frogs only hear the sounds made by their same species? In the jungle the bugs & insects who make noises time it so they are making their sound between the others. The 6:00 Cicada (sp?) "sings" exactly on time though. There is a family of chimps in Africa that has 150 family members, the biggest known group. They fight and then EAT the enemy chimp families!! Ok, I'll stop. You really MUST watch these though!

(Now back to your regularly scheduled vacation stories)


Amber said...

I'm sure that show rules (I've seen previes at the movies - looks amazing) -- but I need my cruise fix!!! :0)