Friday, January 02, 2009

Looking back at 2008
Looking forward to 2009

2008- We completed our paperwork and were officially approved for adoption on May 28th. While waiting we got the surprise of a lifetime when we found out I was pregnant. In the words of my Mom “You’re WHAT?”!


2009- Will be the year we become parents, we couldn’t be more excited. We hope & pray that if it’s God’s plan, we will be the parents of two little ones by the years end!! Continuing being active with adoption!


2008- We spent time at Disney in January, took two cruises, spent a week at the beach with family and took a weekend trip to the mountains in the fall. (Which was Baby’s first vacation, but we didn’t know it then!)

Disney January 08. This is one of my favorite pics of us ever.
It's so "us"!! Taken ourselves, truly relaxed & thrilled to be on a 9 night
vacation to our favorite place!!

In Belize on one of our two cruises in 2008.
Both were absolutely wonderful trips!!

In Gulf Shores with part of the Tanner clan this summer.
Eating at Lulu's & taking one of our famous "self portrait" shots.
Andy is forever making faces and I end up taking tons of pictures.

2009- We look forward to our last “just us” Disney trip in January. We plan on heading back to the beach with family for a week, little one (or little ones) in tow! We are also talking about taking little one (or ones) to Disney around Christmas!


2008- Andy went to two schools; one in Boston & one in California. While Bostom was cold and miserable in the winter, he was able to spend two afternoons soaking up the sights of San Fransisco and he loved it! He spent some time at various locations on weekends, including the traditional Fort Stewart around Savannah.

Andy's home away from home when he was in California, looks cozy huh?

The seals that hang out on Pier 39 in San Fransisco. Amazing huh? He called me and I could hear them "barking" on the phone, so neat. (and it made me cry b/c he was doing something amazing and new that I wasn't there for)

2009- Andy’s schools are done for the foreseeable future, yippee! He is moving in March to the Chief of Staff office where life should be easier and travel almost non-existent. We’re excited! With a little one (or ones) on the way, it will be nice to have him home all the time. (although him traveling on weekends here and there isn’t that horrible compared to so many whose family member is deployed)


2008- My parents sold their house, fought regulations out the wazoo and finally got their new house built and all moved in before Christmas! (1 & ½ miles from their previous one and still just 13 miles from us)

Parents all moved in....

2009- They will start the pool in January after even more legal hullabaloo and a court date, but it should be all done and ready to go by spring! Mom bought a bassinet for the baby (or babies) and is looking for more of her own “baby stuff” too!


2008- We pretty much completed the nursery! (other than waiting to know if we have a boy or girl, details..)

One view of the nursery, I can't wait to add pink flowers or blue birds
and their name on the wall in just a week or two!!!

2009- We look forward to bringing baby home! Now we wait to see when we need to add a 2nd baby bed in that room and prepare a 2nd baby room too!!


2008- We welcomed two new great nephews into the Tanner family, within 4 months! Plus added a sweet niece through marriage.

Mr. & Mrs. Luke Tanner

Layla keeping her brother Tanner & cousin Trey straight.

2009- We look forward to seeing what God has planned for our entire family in the coming year! Mark, Trisha & Trey are moving to Savannah and following God with a Faith that I hope to learn from.


2008- I lost some weight, gained some weight, lost some weight, gained some weight, well… you get the idea. By the fall I was not able to wear most of my “regular” clothes, though it was a welcome sign!

16 week baby bump

2009- It really makes me smile with each pound I gain now and as my belly grows a little bigger week by week. It makes me feel secure that little one is growing just like he or she should in there. I see the “yikes, I need to loose weight” returning in late summer.


2008- It was really an amazing year for us. I know people are truly suffering with the economy, loosing jobs and making huge sacrifices. I thank the Lord for the security of our jobs, the comfort of our home and the ability to still be able to travel and do some of the "extras" we enjoy. We are truly blessed, thankful and appreciative for what we have. We have the love of the Lord, an amazing family and we have each other!

We set goals for the adoption process and really got things done in pretty amazing time. I can't begin to explain how awesome it was when we got the final approval and it felt like such a beginning of something so big. We are just as excited about that process today as we were when we began!! We feel so good about open adoption!

I had a fantastic summer that Andy was able to take time off for and enjoy much of as well. I went to the lake with my parents twice a week, spent one day a week at my brother & sister in laws pool and read a ton of books. (Finding a new favorite author Jodi Picoult, thanks Dawn!) It was a lazy summer, just perfect!!

It was a year of huge surprises and huge anxiety. I am not sure I have ever been as surprised as the day I decided to take "the test" and realized I wasn't going through early menopause (like I questioned about with Dawn), but was pregnant! Shocking Andy, then our family and friends was absolutely so much fun! (I'm not sure who my favorite surprises were: Andy, my parents or Aimee) I have to confess that worry took over and clung to me like a bad cold I couldn't shake. I spent way too much time in my first trimester absolutely terrified that something would go wrong. I read way too many sad stories and googled way too many "what ifs". There is a certain danger that goes with too much information at your fingertips. The 1st ultrasound @ 6 wks. was breath taking to see that little beating heart, but it really didn't ease my worry for the following months. Hearing the heartbeat again at 14 wks with Andy by my side, a wonderful doctor who was so assuring and the 1st trimester behind us ... was like a big sigh of relief and a celebration of sorts. I have prayed and prayed that I would trust God, after all this is his child and totally his blessing. My sister in law said in conversation over Christmas that fear is basically "a lack of faith", she's so right! I'm working on it!

2009- It's going to be a year of blessings, family and change around our house! It'll be the year we become "Mommy" & "Daddy", it makes me cry just to say that! (Hopefully we'll become Mommy & Daddy twice over!) It's going to be a lot of sleepless nights, more worrying about what to do about this or that and I imagine some sheer terror at the job of parenting that awaits us. It's going to be much more than that though. It's going to be a year we experience more joy and amazement at God's miracles than ever before!! It's going to be a year of first smiles, first giggles, first time rolling over and first Holidays with little ones!

It's going to be a year of family like never before as we rely on them for answers & help, sharing the fun and love of a growing family. It's going to be a year of travel like we've never experienced with a little one (or little ones) with us, it's something we've looked forward too for so many years!! It's going to be a year of faith like we've never known as we can do nothing more than try our best and ask God to help us become the best parents we can be.

The future at the Tanner house is bright my friends and family, stay tuned to see what God has in store!!


Amber said...

Great blog post!

Anonymous said...

Whew! What a year you have had! I cannot wait to see all that God has in store for the Tanner family in 2009!

Sincerely Anna said...

Now I'm all caught up on everything - thanks for taking the time to write this post, it was fun to read! So very excited for you and for what is to come in 2009.

Kerri said...

I voted... but I also think the Tanner's should wait and be surprised :)