Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday at Disney

I never did finish up my trip report and we know how I like to ramble about that, so here goes.

Friday Andy decided to play golf @ Osprey Ridge, his favorite golf course @ Disney. He made reservations for a tee time and was off. He use to feel super bad about leaving me for a few hours and I've assured him how much I want him to enjoy playing. I have spent the days at the pool, at the park by myself or with friends there or this time just hanging out at the resort.

He said it was the best time he's had so far playing there and he's been playing for quite awhile now. He loves this course, says it's just really beautiful. He's played with a variety of really nice people and this gentleman was wonderful. He was actually a deaf man from Michigan who also comes all the time to Disney with his wife, he and Andy had a lot in common. He had a great day & early afternoon!!

He always tells me about the wildlife on the courses. It's very common to see deer & wild turkey, we see them when we stay @ Shades of Green all the time. We've seen gators & otters both pop up in lakes and streams around the entire Disney complex. On the golf course he's ran across raccoons from time to time, even trying to get food out of the golf cart!! This time they were warning people to watch their keys, cell phones, etc... and to not leave those in the cart either or raccoons would get those too. Pesky critters, so funny!!

While he was gone this time I was very lazy. I spent time online updating the blog, catching up on blog reading and junk. I walked around some winding pathways at the resort, wondered through stores and had lunch. It was a nice morning of laying low and resting. I would have loved to have had some hot sunshine to sit outside with a good book, but it wasn't in the cards for that Friday.

Here is a little tour around Port Orleans - Riverside. It was our first time staying there, all though we'd visited on several occasions. We have stayed at it's sister resort, Port Orleans - French Quarter twice. We love exploring the different resorts and seeing what they have to offer. This one is going on the favorites list and we're trying to book it again for the fall.

What I love about Disney resorts is that there is typically a ton to do just there alone, with the moderate & deluxe resorts anyway. This one offers cane pole fishing in a little pond, there are 4 quiet pools located throughout the resort and one large "theme" pool. There are paths to explore, gazebos, fountains, etc... There is a large playground and bar/grille near the pool area. They have a boat that will take you to the other Port Orleans resort or to downtown Disney and it's a nice little boat ride there and back. (Try it sometime from downtown Disney if you need an afternoon of something fun and free to do) There is an arcade and a few stores, like all Disney resorts. This one is one of several that offers carriage rides at night, though we never did do it. It looked fun and we stopped to visit the horses each night.

There's the fact you never have drive your car if you stay on Disney property, though we often do. If you choose to drive to a park, you get to park there free. The extra magic hours alone are enough to get me to stay there. The 3 hours in the evening when the parks are open to only Disney Resort guests are fantastic. You can often do more in those 3 hours than in the entire day at a park. The parks all rotate and one park is open 3 hours late and one is open an hour early every day. Then there's the general "magic" and feel of staying on property. I know, I know.. The thing is ... you either "get it" or you don't when it comes to Disney magic. I love the feel that the resorts give you from the time you wake up until you go to bed. I love the wonderful cast members that are so friendly, always smiling and really seem like they care about the job. (If they don't, the sure fake it well and earn their money) The silly towel animals from time to time in your room. The TV channels that play non stop Disney cartoons, Disney Radio, Disney Cruise & Disney Vacation promos, Resort & Park info and the regular "Disney tour" channel. I love those!!

So there ya go, are you sold?!!

A random view up the river towards the sister resort, Port Orleans French Quarter. You can take the boat there or it's about a 10 minute walk. Andy ran there and back on his morning runs.

This is the area where the shops, quickie place to eat, Boat Rights restaurant, shops, arcade, marina, etc... all is. There are tables and chairs outside, rocking chairs, very nice!!

This is the big "theme" pool. It's pretty cute with a slide and all sorts of "South decor". It's very large and has tons of seating all around, a very large kiddie pool and hot tubs.

We stayed on the "Magnolia Manor" side. It was suppose to resemble "old Southern mansions" . There were gazebos and fountains in between the buildings. The rooms (which you saw earlier) were sort of old Southern decor in style.

The other side is the "Alligator Bayou" with it's rooms more rustic in decor. Log style beds, quilts on the beds, etc.. We liked the looks of those rooms better, but we still loved where we stayed. This section is very popular among families of 5. It is the only "regular" (non-villa) resort that offers a pull out trundle bed for extra little munchkins. Very convenient! (So are the fridges in the rooms there) The Alligator Bayou does NOT have elevators and are 2 story buildings, just in case that is an issue for anyone thinking of booking. (see pics on

As with many moderate resorts, this one can be pretty large to get around. We were thankful for our wonderful room downstairs and right in between the parking lot (easy for going places in the car & unloading, packing) and only about a 5 minute walk to where the "stuff" is. I know, from experience at other resorts, that you can get pretty far away from the "stuff" and it's quite a hall to get to eat and back, to the buses and back, whatever.....

This is looking at the main "stuff" area. You can see the boat that goes to the other resort & downtown Disney, the building where we ate, bridge to Ole Man Island (where the pool and all is) etc.... The marina has those small sea racer ( Mickey) boats, medium size Boston whaler type of boats or pontoons to rent for fun. There is also a bike barn that rents bikes and/or surreys for up to families of 5.

Very pretty and homey feel kinda place. Can't wait to go back!!


Amber said...

I love PO Riverside. I think it's a great place to take pre-wedding photos.

And it's where I bought my shower curtain from!

Sincerely Anna said...

I enjoyed reading this post. We went to Disney for our honeymoon but stayed at one of the hotels. I'd love to go back and stay at a resort next time. Port Orleans - Riverside looks nice!