Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Raymond Cole Tanne

If there is one thing we've accomplished on this trip, it is officially naming our baby boy. We had chosen the name Raymond Cole 9 years ago when we were just talking about starting out family. Raymond was Andy's Dad's name and we love it. Cole was my MawMaw's (Mom's Mom) maiden name and we love it too. Over the years our list of names we like grew, but we kept coming back to this one. We really love it and plan to call our little guy, Cole!

Baby Cole meeting Mickey with his Mommy, I'm thinking he wont remember this one.

Our first official Disney shopping for baby Cole. His first blue "from Disney" t-shirt. (I say from Disney b/c my sister in law already bought him a Mickey shirt and I bought him a Mickey sweatshirt from Target!) We are getting blue shirts that match for our trip in the fall, imagine that! Cheesy huh?! I can't wait for cheesy!! Then his Daddy bought him his first "ESPN" shirt from the ESPN store too! You knew there had to be golf clubs in his future, Andy is calling him "my little golf buddy" already! We thought the Mickey clubs were quite appropriate!

This was the 30 minute stop at the Carter's Outlet before we ever got out of Georgia. Yikes!! We really got some GREAT clearance deals though!! (My sister in law is screaming "stop shopping" as she reads this!)

But in our defense.... see.... We had to prepare for that beach trip with the Tanner clan this summer!! He will be ready!!


Joanne said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that name!! For me it's a throw back to Cole awesome. You're a shopping maniac!

Ruthie said...

I love the name Raymond and often thought if the count and I procreated, that would be a good name. I am so glad you are using it though!!! I can't wait to meet him :)

Amber said...

Congrats on everything!

misty said...

I love the name! It sounds very boyish and dignified at the same time. Just a warning though from me, who named her son Patrick Logan and chose to call him Logan. He will always be called Raymond anytime he goes to the Dr., school, dentist, etc. No matter how much I highlight it, circle it, write it in caps, they always call him by the first name. I love both names though! Little Cole Tanner! Perfect!

Anonymous said...

I love the name! I am super duper into meanings/significance behind names so I love that baby Cole's name has family meaning! It looks like yall had a blast!

Terry said...

monica, i love the name you picked, it's very cute. This kid will never be naked that's for darn sure!!!! LOL

cathy said...

little cole is already spoiled!! He is very blessed to have you as a mommy!
If we ever get to go to Disney I will be calling you for our daily activities! I am sure you know more about disney than any travel agent!