Friday, December 05, 2008

Monica needs...

Stepping away from Christmas for today and following in Lindsey's footsteps yet again. (It's becoming a habit my friend) She actually found this on another blog, so I'm not the first to copy -cat. Anywho..... Go to google and type in "your name needs". Of course I searched for "monica needs" and here is the first 10 things it appears google thinks I need. Hmmmmmmm.......

Monica holes in her skin
(what? um...... no thank you)

Monica needs...a bicycle master plan
(he he he, that just makes me laugh. what exactly IS a bicycle master plan? are we saying i need to ride more? have you seen me on my bike and how clumsy I am?)

Monica needs...another dress washed
(no really they are all nice and clean, b/c frankly I haven't worn a dress in ages)

Monica needs...volunteers
(yes, for preschool all the time. this is true)

Monica needs...more friends
(well sure, new friends are nice. i have some great ones though)

Monica PR
(what? is my public relations needing a little work?)

Monica needs...a stylist
(lol, oh that is fantastic. true, i probably do. since all i currently wear are maternity jeans and sweatshirts for the most part)

Monica get a job
(I have one thank you and i wouldn't trade it for the world)

Monica needs...some highlights
(I agree and would love 'em, but i can't afford 'em.)

Monica needs...a 4th of July parade
(sure, how about a Christmas parade though b/c I'm planning on seeing one tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

hilarious! I love it! Hey Do you need any maternity clothes? I have some really cute ones if you want to borrow them! If so, I am coming to the santa thing at school next week and I could bring them!

aimee said...

We are going to see the parade tomorrow too!