Monday, April 14, 2008

Wednesday, Day 4 @ Sea:

We slept a little later, went to breakfast and then spent the day on a top deck basking in the sun. After breaking for lunch we found chairs by the main pool amidst the craziness. I enjoyed finishing yet another good book while Andy went to visit with Mr. Dean & Mrs. Carolyn. It was dinner and show time. The show was a comedian and hypnotist, we’d never seen one before. I was always curious and am not sure if he was typical or not. His name was “Puck” and we weren’t impressed or amused, not fun at all for us. Such is life, we’ve now seen one.

*Pictures of the sunset, we watched from the top deck. So amazing, again God is so good to us!!*

Thursday, Day 5 @ Sea:

Pretty much the same as the other days at sea. We spent half of the day on a top deck enjoying the wind and views, then moved to the smaller pool for the remainder of the day. We ate dinner and saw the show. The show was “A Walk Down Broadway” and one of my favorites, though the male lead on this trip isn’t as good as the previous ones have been. I love the music in this one!
We went to karaoke on the pool deck under the stars, it was a hoot!!

*Picture of us with Mr. Dean & Mrs. Carolyn Dodgen, still so funny that they were on board with us. We saw them pretty much daily. There was also another lady that we went to church with, Ms. Mobley, and her Mother on board. Small, small world!!!*