Sunday, April 30, 2006

Hanging with the Girls:

Here are the two furry ladies in our lives. Let's get to know them.

Casey is the chocolate lab. Andy got her when she was just 6 weeks old, from a breeder in Bowden, GA. She is now 9 years old. She lived with Andy, Mike & Momma Peggy for two years before Andy moved out on his own with her. She's his pride and joy, there's no doubt! I'm thinkin' he may even love her more than me, that could be debated- She was the runt of the litter, though you'd never guess now. She's really over weight, bless her heart. She's had some heart stopping medical issues over the years. She has eaten so many rocks (yes, rocks) that she had to spend the night in the emergency room. She spent about 3 years having seizures every few months, that was tough! After many expensive all night emergency room visits and a change of heart worm meds, she stopped having them! Thank the Lord!! She is totally and completely OCD! She's obsessive & compulsive about playing with raquet balls! She sleeps with one in her mouth, no joke! She'd rather you just shut up and throw the ball than pet her. She'll chase the ball until she drops over dead, you have to know when to make her stop. She also likes golf balls and can get four in her mouth at one time!! She loves her kiddie swimming pool and doesn't know how to drink without just getting in it. She loves to lay down in it on hot days! She LOVES swimming at the lake!! If you tell her to wash her ball off, she will go to the pool and do that too. She will sit and stay for hours if Andy tells her to do that too. She is so so smart!!

Then there is Millie. Millie is the part black lab, part black & tan coon hound. You only recognize that when she barks, which leads to an ear splitting howl. (Thankfully she doesn't do this much!) She's the worrier, thus the gray hair! She can't stand to have her sister out of her sight. She'll also worry to death if you are outside and she isn't with you. She's a big ole baby and will sit in your lap if you sit down ANYWHERE outside!! She'll lick you until your face is chapped and stick her tongue in your ear, beware! She is our most loving dog, by far! She'd rather lick your hand than eat the treat you are holding for her. (She's the ONLY animal we own that will do that, the others will eat your hand off if it's holding food!) The Easter Bunny brought her to me in 2001. Andy couldn't stand to hear her cry at night and he spent her first night at home sleeping on the couch with her!! (After she'd wet BOTH beds and we were down to the last set of dry sheets, I was finished with her for the night! Then again, why was she sleeping with us? What were we thinking??) She got car sick when she was little, but she got over that thank goodnesss. She is allergic to fleas though! Yep, have you ever heard of such?! If she has just ONE little bitty flea bite, it's all over...her hair starts falling out. (Usually on her rear end and under her neck) She often looks like she has a terrible disease. Of course we keep her medicated, but what can ya do? She will play ball, but usually only to piss her sister off. She is the frisbee dog and will do great jumps to catch that sucker- She likes to swim at the lake too, but not as much as her sister does. She's surely a sweetie!

-more on the furry boys in our lives later-


Traci said...

For as much love as you have for your furry babies, I just know you are going to be a great mom. But beware, those furry babies will suffer a bit.

Perry and I made a deal after Dex was born that one of us would hold the dog,while the other held Dexter.

Amber said...

How did you manage to get the 2 weirdest dogs in America? ;0)

monica said...

Oh no... I haven't told you about Gizmo and his stupid allergies yet, it just gets better around here....