Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Guess now that I've been found out I outta find something more worth while to blab about. Hmp! Can't think of a thing. When did I get so old and boring? It's 6 days into my spring break with 4 to go .. and what have I done.. Nothing! I've cleaned "a little", scrapbooked "a little", read 1 trashy romance, went to the BellSouth Classic "ok that was fun", had dinner with my best friend and her baby "that's social", painted a plate at a pottery place and watched way way way way too much TV and way way way way too many movies!! That's it, sums it up! I need to get a life!!
#1) Why doesn't my profile pic show up on the page? It's in there, I see it in there...
#2) How do yall have your friends listed on your page?

And Kerri is having flash backs of picture posting on DS!