Sunday, April 16, 2006


So it's Easter, Happy Easter! Andy & I are horrible bad people. We have skipped church, yet again! And on this special day too.... yeesh- But..... we did have a great time together! We played golf, go figure! It was 81 and gorgeous out there, not crowded one bit...imagine that?! Our excuse is that he's leaving again on Tuesday for several weeks, could be until mid May. We needed the day, right? (Where's a winking smilie when I need one?) I made par on a par 5 hole! That's the very first time that has happened. (I have made par on 3's and 4's, but not a 5) I was pretty proud! We tied on a handful of holes too! I'm just not consistent. I'll do great a few holes and then... we'll.... not so great. We did celebrate the tradition of egg hunting, we'll sort of. ((See picture!!)) I gave us quite a challenge on some hunting! Of course it was of a different variety. The Easter Bunny did visit us this morning too! Andy got a subscription to Golf Digest with the first magazine, "The Greatest Game Ever Played" DVD and peanut m&m's in the same basket that the Bunny has been filling since he was a little boy. Pretty neat stuff. I got a new basket, a duckie with bunny ears, a Rachel Ray cookbook and some chocolate. Oww la la.... Hope your Easter was Egg-stra special!


Ker-Bear said...

Happy EASTER! :)

monica said...

Back at ya-