Saturday, May 06, 2006


Don't want to leave Gizmo out. Where do I start. He is a shih tzu, very big for his breed though at about 14 pounds. He was a gift from my best friend Amy, another fantastic friend Scott and Amy's parents as my graduation present from the University of Georgia. I got him a few months before graduation and he lived with us in the apartment in Athens. He is now 9 years old, hard to believe. He's my baby without a doubt! He' s very very very rotten and it's not just because of me! My Mom calls herself "Granny" to this dog!! Often when we travel she comes to stay at our house with him so that he wont have to be boarded. He has more toys than some kids I know! He acts like he's wild and full of energy when you first meet him. He loves to be petted, play fetch and have "running fits". WHEN HE'S IN THE MOOD! Otherwise, he's a furry lump who sleeps!! Currently as I am sitting here online and have been watching TV in the living room.... he's already in our bed snoring! Yep, he snores!! And yep, he sleeps in our bed. (Right in the middle of Andy's pillows when he's gone! Shhhh... don't tell him that!) He has health issues too, wouldn't be ours if he didn't. He has major allergies and has to have allergy shots every 6-8 weeks. Without them he scratches non stop, makes his hair come out and makes himself bleed...not pretty!! He's also a grouch with me & Andy when he wants to be. The old saying that the dog wont bite the hand that feeds him, HA! He's bit us both!! (Never guests, don't worry...just us!) He's stubborn as all get out and pretends that he's deaf when he's doing what he wants!! He's also the most loving thing to me, a loyal companion, hates to see me cry and loves to snuggle! God love him though and his quirks.... we do!!!!!


Traci said...

Monica, you just described my dog to a tee!!!

monica said...

You have a spoiled little shit too huh?