Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baby Love

I am so smitten with my best friend's baby. Amy, you did good. Nathaniel is the happiest little fellow I've ever been around. (and I've been around ALOT of babies) He's just discovered his voice, which he uses..alot and at a level that is a little painful to the ears. I went to lunch with Amy & Nathaniel Friday when I arrived in McDonough. Have I mentioned that I LOVE it down there. If Andy thought he'd stay where he is for years to come, we'd consider moving. (But his staying at the same location is kinda iffy) It is the cutest little town down there and beautiful country just outside of the city limits. Off track, I know.....After lunch Amy went to help at a yard sale and I stayed with the munchkin. Man, I love this little guy. He chased a soccer ball for an hour, is that a sign? He laughed non stop and even put up with all my picture takin'! (Guess he's patient with his Mom the photographer and all) What can he do? Smile and go on..... Anyway... great day!! I am blessed with life long friends who put up with my baby obsessions, 21 years Amy... whew- That's alot laughs and alot of crap my dear. Thanks. May God Bless the Tanners with a cutie of our own soon!?!


Traci said...

I just love this kids rolls and chubby cheeks! He really is a cutie!!

monica said...

He's huge! Wears 18 months and is 10 mths old. He's not really baby fat either, he's solid...HEAVY stuff! His cousin is 2 days older and all squishy and baby like. Nathaniel is.... tough. It's so funny. He's doing the crawl and then crawl/walk thing where they walk on hands & feet, sticking their hiney up in the air...it's so funny!!