Friday, April 14, 2006

Layla Grace

I don't have brothers and sisteres, anyone who knows me.. knows this. It had it's good things and bad things. When I married Andy, I got a whole new family to share. It's lots of fun. I suddenly became "Aunt Monica" to his nieces and nephews (2 of each!), which ironically are all close to my age and I grew up with them through church and school. Funny stuff. So....becoming Aunt Monica, has been interesting. I love and adore them all, but of course didn't get to "dote" on nieces and nephews. But.... now I am GREAT Aunt Monica! Aimee & Jason are proud parents of Ms.Layla Grace who arrived in February. She's a doll!! (And seems so tiny after my day last week with Nathaniel) I got to visit with her today, if only for a little while. Ahhh.... nothing like holding a baby! Now I need to get my act together and be a better Aunt Monica to one and all! I grew up with the greatest Aunt ever, Aunt Pansy (Yep, Pansy... like the MOM named her! What can ya do?) I spent so much time with her growing up and cherish her more than she knows! I need to work alot harder to even begin to measure up! I'll work on that.......