Thursday, April 13, 2006

Field Trip:

So I have this hard job, right? I mold young minds, scary huh? I love what I do!! I mean I really truly love what I do. I don't think I could teach in a public school, though I think about it from time to time. I love my "babies". Four year olds are the best. Everything you do is still "cool". They want to participate, they aren't "smart mouthed" yet, they can take care of their basic personal needs, they love to talk to you, they believe in magic, they use their imagination, they learn things so quickly..... Now, I wouldn't do an age younger... three year way! Four year olds, some five are my calling!! What other job do you get where you are told you are loved and beautiful or pretty daily? Pretty good for the self esteem!! Where else do you get to have amazing converstions all day long and sometimes laugh until you cry? I get presents too: flowers, bugs, weeds, rocks and handmade works of can't beat that! Today we had a field trip, I love those days! We went to visit a friend of mine who teaches kindergarten. It's always exciting to go visit "big school". We checked out the lunchroom and had a small tour, visited the library and then spent time in the classroom. The kids were nervous at first, but warmed up the longer we stayed there. I think it helps them get a better feel for what next year holds for them, it's not so scary after all. Then we went to a park for an Easter egg hunt, snack and playground fun! It was a great morning!! Here's 9 of 12 kids, the others didn't come. Such is life-


Traci said...

I agree with you about 4 year olds Monica. When I taught preschool, I started with the two year olds, then had the three's and finally got the 4's and they were the best!!

monica said...

I worked with all age groups when I worked in daycare while I was in Athens. (college) I adored the babies and loved spending time in there, the 1's are a hoot and lots of fun, 2's always are into something and it's ok for awhile, 3's are... um, interesting and not my favorite...but I would only want to spend my entire day, every day with the 4's LOVE THEM!! Anything older and I want to tell them to nip it and go away after a little while.