Friday, July 07, 2006

-mini spoilers contained! read at your own risk!-

I saw "Pirates 2" today with my friend Tracey. It was great no doubt. Here's the thing though.... I watched the first one last night, getting in the "mood" of things. I LOVE that movie, I'd forgotten just how's been a long time since I watched it. It's hard to live up to an original, no matter how good the sequel is!

The theater was sold out for most movies during the day, early &
late. We were headed to a 3:45, got there @ 3:20 to buy tickets to the already sold out show. So, I settled on 4:15 instead. No biggie- (Most shows before it had sold out and all 7ish -10ish movies were sold was playing every 30 minutes in about 6 theaters) You had to wait in a roped off area outside the theater before even going in. Kinda wild.

My first thought is that it's sooooo long. 2 & 1/2 hours for that kind of movie is super duper long. I think that some of it could have been left out without giving up any real story elements. Speaking of which, there were alot of sub stories going on. I thought this one was much more gross, though that's a known factor going in. (I had to shut my eyes a few times. Davy Jones and some of his gang really gave me the hibbie jibbies) I think the Kraken got a little out of hand and those parts could have used a trimming. *this is the part where spoilers could come in*Then there's "that thing" with Elizabeth, you know...where she.....GASP! You've seen it, right?! I know why she did it, but WOWIE!!! Then..the whole ending....I was disappointed. I totally see why they did're already totally hooked and counting down till #3. I think they should have at least "wrapped up" this story more though. Surely we could have still found a new/similar plot and been just as ready for 3, but had a more final conclusion. Just my humble opinion though.... I love the comedy, Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the best characters that I've seen around in a long time. You get totally involved in his personality, hilarious! Of course Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann are awesome characters too. I love the references to the 1st movie, very nicely done!

Some of the theater staff were dressed up in their pirate get-up. (An
d I mean big time dressed) and were waiting on ya at the exit doors, that was a nice touch. Well done and cute. I saw some kids with homemade pirate hats and thought it was precious. (Though I wouldn't have taken mine that young to see this movie yet, it's a little much for younger kids) There were a few people dressed up too. (Made me wish I'd have had at least a t-shirt to wear like I did with "Cars"...don't know why....but ya know....)

There ya have it, my ramblings. All in all GREAT movie and a TRUE MUST SEE! (Just don't drink a biggie coke, you'll never make it till the end) *If you haven't checked out the "official" webiste of the movie, through Disney..go do that, neat interactive stuff!!*

So here's the best part, after the movie...we went to eat at the "Melting Pot"....fondue!! We ate strawberry/almond/spinach salads which are my FAVORITE (and strangely enough Tracey is the one who introduced me to those!) Then we ate my 2 favorite courses: cheese and chocolate....YUMMY....


monica said...

Ok, I'm leaving my own comment, duh. I could just edit...but here it is anyway...About the ending...I love that they brought back old what's his face, but still wished they'd wrapped up the Davy Jones story line. Thought I'd try to clarify.

Larilyn said...

Number one, I totally agree about younger kids. I was going to take my kids on a field trip to see it next week, but have two 6 year olds that I don't know would be able to hand it...especially the beginning part where we see Captain Jack Sparrow....a little graphic with the crows!!

Number two, I think the length is a little long, but I always want movies to keep lasting, so I'm not complaining!

Number three, I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Melting Pot...sounds so good....

monica said...

Owww, so I must convince Larilyn to come through Atlanta on her way to WDW for a visit! I'll take ya to our "Melting Pot" myself! YUMMY!!

I'd already forgotten about the crows,'re right. It was still Davy Jones and the gang that made me close my eyes though....ewwwww....

Joanne said...

The soap fan in me loved the thing Elizabeth did. And I don't think she did it just to save them...ya know?? :D

I thought the first one was a little too graphic for kids. Was the toe thing really necessary?? ..blech!

I knew the ending was left up in the air, so I expected it. Kind of reminded me how Back To The Future did it's trilogy.

I'm amused that they used the Kraken legend. Isn't there a big ride at Sea World called Kraken?

Did anyone else see the Rocky 20 (or whatever number they're on now) trailer? Shouldn't Sylvester Stallone quit while he's ahead?

At the end I said, I wonder what happened to the dog....and was answered. LMAO!

Ker-Bear said...

I enjoyed the movie, I actually liked how it ended, somewhat of a wrap up, but with a direction for the next one, and some questions left to be answered. I liked the whole Elizabeth thing, for one it gave her character some depth.. like is she really the good girl, Jack was right, she has some pirate in her, she'll do a bad thing to get what she wants, and she's going to have to explain herself to Will. And her guilt is obviously eating at her now.

I felt that there were parts in the begining and middle that could have been trimmed I don't mind long movies, but long for plot, not dragging out several action sequences. There were some where it was like, ok, we get the idea they're fighting, now move on to next plot point.

Could someone explain me the bet game they were playing?

But I'll see it again I'm sure ;)

RaLelle said...

I thought overall it was well done. I agree the beginning scene was a bit graphic and probably not neccesary.

I didn't understand the bet game at all. ????

And I did expect the ending to be like that....leaving us wanting more!

Ker-Bear said...

So Norrington must play a larger role in the next one I would think, I wished he could have had one scene 'cleaner' he might have actually looked pretty darned good.

monica said...

Yep, the Kraken @ Sea World was my very first thought!

Toes & fingers= ewwwww.....

I think I agree that the whole Elizabeth thing wasn't all to get the job done...I think she liked it!! (Who wouldn't?!) But... I think she truly loves Wil and has some splainin' to do!

No Rocky junk. Kevin Costner in "Top Gun" new generation. (Helicopter Jumping Rescue whatever...looks good though!) That football movie with Markie Mark.... looks good too. The Cove scary one....yowie! And I can't remember what else now...

I will for sure see it again soon too!

Holly said...

Ok, here we go. First, I took my kids, they both loved it. Charlie is a boy's boy and thought the crow thing was awesome, and Kayla is a bit... odd. She likes scary/gross - her "over and over" movie right now is Sleepy Hollow. The only time she said anything about going home was during the part where Will was on the ship and Jack was not in the scenes... she wanted to know where Jack was and when he was getting back.

Second, the game goes like this. (I cannot believe none of you has played this before, really.) You bet on how many of a certain number is showing. First one says "one x" where x is a number that could be on a die. It goes around and up, so the next person has to say "two x" where x is again any number on a die. It keeps going until someone says the last person to go is a liar (or yells out "bullshit", if you are playing with me) then everyone shows and if the last person to speak was right, they win, if not, the person calling them a liar wins. If you saw the movie with Kate Hudson and Matthew McHottie (how to something a guy something) they played it at his parents house with cards. The strategy comes in knowing what is on your own dice and figuring out the possibilities of the other players dice based on what they are saying.

Number three... ending fine, expected that.

Number four... Norrington without stupid wig is actually pretty yummy. Not as yummy as Jack though.

monica said...

Ahhhh, now I've played that with cards. Wasn't even making the connection, duh! Holly your the woman!
("How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days", you know I'm a McHottie addict!!)

Your kids are "tuff", but I can see how it would creep some kids out. (the wee one still hasn't seen the 1st one and she's 10, too creepy for her)

I'm with Kayla: MORE CAPTAIN JACK!!

Traci said...

I think Elizabeth did that thing only to persuade Jack. She did it in the first movie when she burned the rum, remember?

I loved the movie, didn't think it was too long, was confused at the story line a bit, but feel as if it's kind of clear.

Don't know what this Kraken thing is you are all talking about, unless it has something to do with the heart.

Still confused about the dice game, even after reading Holly's explaination.

Ker-Bear said...

Ok, that's kinda what I figured the game was after awhile, but when it was happening I was confused. If Orlando would have just said "Let's play a game of Bullshit" then I would have been right there.

monica said...


RaLelle said...

Yeah, I'm with Kerri on that one.
So it is just like playing BS but with dice instead of cards.

Jack Davenport (Norrington) is a hottie!!! He was in the British version of Coupling (much, much better than the US version) and he was really hot on there. He was also in that movie The Wedding Date, looking pretty darn good. :)