Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing, growing, growing!

I worried so much in the beginning when I wasn't actually gaining weight and this past doctor visit, well.. let's just say the doctor said "we don't have to worry about that anymore now do we?" Ooops! (However most of it was a huge swelling problem that I have gotten a little more under control this week) Anywho-

My friend Wendy said I should take pics weekly and she is right, I wish I would have. At 31 weeks today though, it's a little late for that. I've taken pics of me here and there, but I wish I'd have taken this same pic each week. Here we go though, at least 3 stages to compare. Thanks Lindsey for letting me borrow clothes, including this cute shirt! I thought it would be fun to have the same shirt on in each picture.

16 weeks

21 weeks

30 weeks


Amber said...

I like how the first photo has a Christmas tree in the background. I want the next photo to have an easter basket!

Terry said...

I see you are growing nicely!!!! Yeah, i like the holiday reference too, good idea Amber.

misty said...

You look positively adorable! It's amazing how one day you wake up and BAM! You just look really pregnant all of a sudden. You've hit that point my dear!

Anonymous said...

You look adorable!! I am getting giddy in the anticipation of meeting sweet baby cole! P.S.....that is my favorite shirt!

Lisa said...

You look adorable! I hear that the Tanner clan is expecting another new addition besides Cole. :)

Wendy said...

I am glad I talked you into it :-) I took one every week and man, what a difference from week 12 to week 40 - ouch! :-)
You look so cute - he is growing great and you are so low, sure is a boy!