Saturday, November 04, 2006

11 Days and Counting!

You had to know it was coming, right? A blog about our upcoming trip! There she blows, the Carnival Glory. The same ship that we took in February to the Virgin Islands will again become home for a week. We LOVE this ship!!

We leave on Thursday, the 16th. Mom, Dad & Andy will pick me up after preschool and we'll be off! We are spending Thursday & Friday night in WDW @ the Shades of Green. I've told you before how great it is there, beaut
iful place!! Dad's looking forward to his balcony on the golf course again! Friday we will either resort hop or head to downtown Disney during the day. That evening Andy & I are headed to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and I'm sooooo excited!! Here's I picture I borrowed of someone else's trip to the party...looks like fun to me!!! A great way to begin the holiday spirit!!

Then on Saturday the 18th we are off to Port Canaveral. Mom & Dad have been packed for WEEKS already, I am getting started this weekend. We will make stops in Cozumel, Costa Maya, Belize & Nassau. It is our first cruise with 4 stops, very exciting. There will be 2 days at sea.

I went to Cozumel when I was in high school with a friend's family, it will be my parents & Andy's first time there though! (I did also go with my parents to Cancun in high school, but we flew in. Andy's first time in Mexico period) Costa Maya & Belize will be brand new to us all!! We've all been to Nassau now, but that's fine.

We haven't decided for sure what we're going to do in ports yet. We have it narrowed down to top favorites. There is a jeep/beach adventure that I'm pretty sure we are going to take where you drive a regular jeep through the jungle and then to the beach, spend a few hours on the beach and drive back. Sounds like fun to me!! I think that is in Belize.

I think I've talked Andy into snorkeling with sting rays in Nassau, I'm sure we'll be just fine! We went to the beach where they did this last time and it looked so fun, I want to go back there again! Mom & Dad are going to head to Atlantis again, on there own this time... no tour groups! Dad is also convinced he can talk a taxi into taking him to find Tiger Woods' house. So....if my parents get locked up and don't return....we're leaving without them!! Ha ha ha----

After some of our let downs with Royal Caribbean, we're excited to share "our" Carnival Glory with my parents! The rooms are so much bigger, the ship is just huge and gorgeous, there's tons to do and the people are super nice!! Andy is already looking forward to "lobster night" and eating until he pops!

We can't wait, we can't wait, we can't wait!!!!


Amber said...

I'll just say that I'm insanely jealous!!!

But I can't wait for photos!

monica said...

You & Jonathan should go to Very Merry with us! I promise we'll be more fun than last time! We'll be well rested when we arrive, no long day at the park. I want to get a few character photos, see the parade and maybe a show. I also want time to ride some things though!

Lola said...

And if you get a virus or something while on board, you can get another trip for free :)

monica said...

Always looking at the bright side of cruising huh missy? You really have to try one!!!

Traci said...

I'm excited for you!! I want to go, I'm jealous!

RaLelle said...

Have fun!! I'm jealous also! :)

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