Monday, May 22, 2006

100 Days without 4 year olds:

How strange is that? I have to say that I am so ready for an entire summer laid out before me. The only plans we have are for our 2 night Disney stay (Shades of Green & going to EPCOT I think) and our 4 night Bahamas cruise (CoCo Cay & Nassau) which all starts on June 10th with my parents. This will be only the 2nd (we think we were together the first) anniversary that Andy & I have spent actually together. He's usually traveling on June 12. So, we're looking forward to that!! It's the parents first cruise and they are so excited. Typically, my Mother is totally and completely packed!! (It's still almost 3 weeks away)

We hope to make it to the mountains for a long weekend this summer, not sure if that will work out or not. My Mom and I don't have our girl trip to the beach on the books yet. If we miss it (again) I will be very upset. Last year we didn't go b/c my Granddad was still so sick. We had been going every year for the past 12 or so up until then. We'll see I guess.

I will keep the wee one this summer some. I imagine it'll be like last summer and only work out to a couple of days a week, which is great. I'm sure there will be lots of lunch get togethers, swimming, pottery painting, movies, putt putt and board games involved in our days togehter~ I plan to fill the other days with way too many books, movies,over extended periods in front of the laptop and meaningless TV! I'm also going to work on scrapbooks and cross stitching too!!

Wooo Whooo Let the laziness begin~


Traci said...

Yeah for laziness!!

Ker-Bear said...

I could go for lazy

RaLelle said...

I'm quite envious. I would like a summer vacation!!

Holly said...

Is it 100 days without 4 year olds, or 100 days without updating? ;) Or both? That would be superlazy, which could be fun. :)

monica said...

Ahhhhh.... I've been found out! Yikes, and I always check all of yall every other day, complaining when there's nothing new. (Yay for Kerri who keeps up to date!) New post, check it out!!