Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kitty Witty:

Might as well wrap up the furry critter talk with Kitty Witty. Kitty Witty came to live with us in.... oh gosh....we've had him for.... um......4 or 5 years, I forget. Andy had just rescued another dog (that we had for 3 years before he died of old age) recently and knew that my policy was "No room in the Inn"... So he comes home from a class in Atlanta one day with a lump under his jacket. I knew then we were in trouble. Kitty had lost his Mom and had been squished in an automatic door of the building Andy was in. (Or this is the story I hear) He was only a few weeks old and TINY!! He had to be fed milk with an eye dropper. It was a long road and we weren't sure he'd ever make it. He did though, boy he did!!! He was the most frisky, wild, playful and MEAN thing you've ever seen. For years.... he would pounce on your head in a heart beat!! (I know this from experience!! Seriously, pounced on my head several times) He would love on you and purr...then....when you least expected it....he'd slap ya silly. Thank the Lord he grew outta this naughty stage and is now a loving loving loving cat!!! He spends all day asleep in various places, eats and cuddles all evening... then goes out for the night. We're pretty convinced he has another family that he stays with all night where he also sleeps, eats and cuddles. (He was gone for 11 days once and returned looking none the worse for wear!) He's demanding and knows where food & treats are. He will put his paw in the cabinet and bang the door if he wants something from you...he WILL NOT...stop until you comply!! He & Gizmo have a love / hate relationship. They can be peaceful or fight, it goes both ways. We love Kitty Witty, he runs our house sometimes... and we're often known to cuss at him... but he's a big ole part of our big happy family!!!!


Traci said...

Kitty Witty is very handsome, no wonder he can get away with stuff. LOL!