Monday, May 18, 2009

Silly dog

Let me tell you a little more about our Millie girl. She is absolutely the pickiest (is that a word) thing ever! She has issues with pills, see below explanation. She also has certain kinds of food she doesn't like and treats that aren't her favorites. She's not one of those "eat anything" doggies.

Week before last we had roast, taters & carrots for supper ... twice. We had leftovers and decided to give Millie the little that was left after that. She is obviously not a veggie lover. She ate the meat out first, naturally. Then she picked out the taters. Finally she picked up the carrots, one by one. She would swoosh them around in her mouth and spit them back out. It was absolutely hilarious!!

I'm not talking about letting them fall out of her mouth here and there, the girl was SPITTING them out all over the place!!

She'd pick them up again, like .... "are they any better if I try again?".... then spit them out again.

They were on the stairs, under chairs and by the door. It was a hoot!! So... she's not a carrot lover.

She has all sorts of skin itchy issues and we've been given her all sorts of medication her entire life. She is NOT to be tricked any longer. She refuses to touch peanut butter with a 10 foot pole. She knows peanut butter means a pill is stuck somewhere in there. She wont touchy sticky cheese, there's a pill to be found. She wont eat a bite of cookie, meat, whatever until she has taken it apart and sniffed it completely. Andy tries it all. He ends up resorting to holding her mouth, throwing the pill down her throat, holding her mouth closed and rubbing her neck so she swallows. (and she's still known to spit one back at him randomly ;) Thankfully she's also the sweetest thing EVER and would never bite him, despite the pill torture. (He will be well trained for baby)

When we started bringing leftover cake home from showers, he got the idea to put some icing on the pill and try that. Who doesn't love sugar, right? It worked! She stopped sniffing it to death and taking it apart, she will eat icing immediately. So.... butter cream icing is the key! Well, what happens when you run out of leftover cake??

You start adding butter cream icing to your grocery shopping list..... for your dog!!!!!!!!!!


Ruthie said...

Both Doc and Dahlia love carrots, they eat the little baby carrots all day.
Doc has major skin issues and allergies too. What we have found that has worked is Natural Balance crunchies. They do not have corn which can exacerbate skin allergies.