Saturday, June 21, 2008

June Happenings

I thought I'd blog about summer June happenings at the Tanner house. It's been a busy summer, but nothing over the top for excitement.

Adoption: We got our final approval the last few days of May and in early June were "in the books" officially. We know our birthmom letter is going out through the agency, our website is linked to the agency website and it has been seeing tons of hits daily. (Though many of them are family, friends and curious other couples from the agency.) We have sent packets of information to many of our family and friends, appreciating that they are helping us get the word out. I can't say thanks enough to those of you doing legwork in putting our letters, brochures and cards out there. I've had friends let me be their "guest blogger" to share our story and many of them have our adoption site as a linky on their blogs, myspace and facebook accounts. You guys are awesome!! I love you!! Thanks for your continued prayers for our patience, the right birthmother to find us and a healthy baby too! We know God's timing is perfect and are practicing patience.

My parents: My parents are getting very antsy about the building of their new house. The grading has yet to start, the permits are taking forever and it's a drawn out process. They're so ready. Meanwhile they are enjoying sitting on the porches and watching the wild turkey (who now have babies out there) come and go in the evenings, there are about 45 turkeys out there. They're also enjoying watching the handful of deer come in for evening grazing as well. It's really a great place over there, they are blessed to have found such a great piece of land. (1.1 miles from their previous house, this one had a house that they could move into while they build and it's pretty land with creeks, woods, a lake and animals at the back)

We're also spending one day a week at the lake on the boat, I love the lake. On Fridays it starts off that we have the place to ourselves, as the afternoon wears on we're joined by those headed up for the weekend. Dad's been fishing and caught stuff here and there, we enjoy splashing around in the water and Mom is getting lake reading time in. Poor Andy, who has to work. I am soo ready for us to get up there with the camper!!

This is the property where the house will go:

This is their most recent toy. They are having a ball riding all over the place and in the woods behind them. On my first ride as my Mom drove, I reminded her about the last go kart ride I took with her when I was 6... and she dumped me in the front yard. I held on tight in the golf cart this time. Yes, they're in bathing suits in this picture b/c we're about to head to the lake. This is the driveway and front yard of the house they're living in on the property.

Family: I have been going to swim @ Steve & Teresa's one day a week. It's great to spend time gabbing with them and enjoying their gorgeous pool. Sometimes Aimee is there with the kiddos and Layla keeps US ALL on our toes. A few weeks ago she approached me with "hold it, hold it" and before looking, I stuck out my hand... to be in charge of her quarter size FROG!! Silly girl!

There have been showers galore for the upcoming Tanner celebrations. Our newest nephew Trey is expected to arrive in the next few weeks, his Mommy in waiting, Trisha, says she's ready!!! She & I spent an afternoon together a few weeks ago and I love her to pieces! Naomi and Luke are only a few weeks away from their big day to say "I do" as well. We're looking forward to the wedding! So much excitement coming in July!!

The afghan that I made for Trey

Friends: I spent a day a few weeks ago with my friend Shelley at the pool, lounging around. A dip in the pool and yakking with a friend is my idea of a perfect summer day. I was able to visit with another friend and her two little guys a few weeks back as well. She let me rummage through her yard sale stuff for things I could use in preschool, for free. She's great to me! This past week we had a girl get together at the house and after dinner and great crazy conversation, we played Wii. I think we have Misty hooked.

Home: Speaking of Wii, we love it! Andy is so NOT a video games kinda guy. He likes to move around and doesn't enjoy typical video or computer games at all. After playing one night at Shelley & Rob's house though, he said we had to get one! We started with Wii Play (cow racing is one of our favorites) and Wii Sports (nothing like beating each others head in with boxing). We played every evening. Then as an end of the year present from school, I got Carnival games and we've had so much fun with that. (My Mom's favorite too, they came up the other night for supper and Wii night) Andy got Tiger Woods golf for his birthday and we've had a blast with that too. We each made players that look similar to us, have crazy personalities and it's a hoot. It's been a fantastic investment and at least we're getting a workout when we're up moving and playing with it.

Here is the screen for a Carnival game, where you'll notice MY WII
is jumping up and down b/c I WON!

Andy Lee throwing something Wii...

We've been working (playing) in the nursery here and there. There was so much stuff, thus no room for baby, in there that we had to regroup and take stuff back out. It's a work in progress and we both like going in there to just sit and dream of our baby to be. I've got a plan in mind now for finishing hanging some things and getting "the trees" painted on the walls. I can't wait to have a name to hang over the crib as well!! I'll post a blog with pictures soon, I've taken them all along the way. We have our name list down to 9 boy and 9 girl names. (Which is funny b/c a few years ago we had one picked out of each. Now we've added all sorts of new choices to the mix)

Anniversary: We celebrated our anniversary by going to eat at the Melting Pot, fondue is so yummy. We ate ourselves silly and I went into a chocolate overload that I have yet to recover from.

Pets: Our furry friends are all trying to stay cool this summer. Millie decided to be an escape artist and figured out how to get from "her side" to "our side" of the backyard last week. She'd be found back on the deck in the shade and staring in the window. We've got her escape route closed again now. Casey is wet every time you see her, she loves her kiddie pool and is in and out all the time. Gizmo is permanently attached to one of their A/C vents, it's now where he naps all day long.

Or seen here Gizmo naps on "his pillow" at the bottom of our bed
while I am folding clothes in the bedroom.

There you have it, June happenings at the Tanners. Andy is currently on a "boys weekend" golf trip to South Georgia. I meant to send a camera down there with him too, oops. One more week of June, the summer flies by-


misty said...

Yes, I am most definitely hooked on the WI!!! I've told the kids that is what they are getting for Christmas, but I secretly am planning to buy it WAAAYYY before then! I loved, loved, loved the cow racing! It was so much fun Wednesday night! Thank you for always being such a fabulous friend and having us all over! I promise to reciprocate just as soon as I bulldoze the junk out of the living room!

trisha_tanner said...

I love the Afghan! It looks perfect in his room!