Friday, June 27, 2008

Finding the Happy

Take a look to the links on the right.

Go ahead, I'll wait ...

See the one that says Aimee - Life with Layla and Tanner? See it?

Now, please click on it and go see the video of our great niece Layla singing to her baby brother Tanner. (It's a post down from the newest) She then (not so) gently helps him with his little drooling/spittle problem. Hilarious- Continue to watch and as you are giggling at her singing, which is truly the sweetest sound, watch little Tanner's face. He absolutely loves his big sister beyond imagination.

It's priceless, it's precious, it's pure sunshine!

I love them so much my heart bubbles over~


trisha_tanner said...

We love our niece and nephew!
Hey I tagged you on my blog...its one of those silly surveys but they are oh so much fun ... especially when you are bored on bed rest!

jacci said...

Found your site at a cruise site! Thanks for being positive as I was starting to panic.We are going on the Sensation in August.
Funny how things work! After looking at your cruise photos, I came across your adoption approval. I have 2 adopted children! It is awesome! Jack is now 9 and Abby is 7. We also have a little bio surprise pulling up into the 3rd spot! I wish you peace as you wait. Understand that every moment, every day, every delay...will lead you to YOUR child.
Tega Cay, SC