Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pre Christmas

A few weeks ago we had Saturday Christmas at my Mom's sister's house. Lots of fun, food and family. It was nice to see some family members that we hadn't seen in quite awhile and to catch up with everyone. My aunt is awesome and I have all these memories of great times with her growing up. She let me do all the fun things that Mom wouldn't let me do, I so hope to be that fun aunt to Layla, Tanner and "Trella" (don't ask)! Strangely enough, I forgot to take a single picture, very unlike me!

Friday night I had my girlfriends over. Unfortunately one of our gang was sick and didn't make it. Misty, we missed you bunches. We ate, laughed our butts off, played a game where we laughed until we cried, ate more, laughed more and had the best time ever! Midnight arrived way too fast.

Last night we had our Christmas get together with Andy's oldest brother and his family. There were fifteen of us and Ms. Layla Grace did well entertaining us all! Uncle Andy & I got her a ball pit, filled with balls of course. She had so much fun and knew how to dive in the moment she seen it. It was soooo funny! There was another ball in the room that everyone kept tossing in, but it was purple and I actually bought it for her this summer. She knew it didn't "go" with the ball pit and she'd throw it back out and say no, funny girl. I think she may be a "tiny" bit anal like her Aunt Monica.

Today was an awesome church Christmas celebration. I love the Sunday at church before Christmas, touches my heart big time. I get the warm fuzzies and am reminded of what an awesome God we have!

(Newsflash here: If you didn't know, we actually "came home" last weekend and moved our church membership letter back to First Baptist.)

We also went to lunch with Mom, Dad and Grand Mother today. We ate out and returned to "her place" for opening presents and tons of chatting. (and Laughter galore!) It was a relief to celebrate Christmas with her on a day other than Christmas Eve, I'm not sure how I would have handled that without Grand Daddy there. I am missing him and our Christmas traditions so much! Grand Mother and I were shopping earlier this week and she pointed out that she guessed this would be my first Christmas ever not getting a doll, she's right. I'm not doing well with that either, makes me very sad. A part of my life is gone with Grand Daddy. She will join us for Christmas Day Lunch @ my parents house too. Here's her door that we decorated a few weeks ago!

More to come.....