Saturday, October 06, 2007

Castaway Cay
Part 1

You have to love the day that you spend at Castaway. It's the most perfect day of a cruise. We ate breakfast and watched the ship dock. As soon as they give the all clear, we're headed off. You have to love how easy it is when you just walk off the ship and onto a private island. It took no time and there was no wait. There are towels for you to grab on your way off (and return as you head back) The decor of the island is precious. I love the little spill they give you on the tram and that you can read on the schedule for the day. It's a cute story about how Castaway came to be. We went to the family beach for the first part of the day. Dad & Andy decided to skip snorkeling, instead just swimming around the family beach area and looking at the fish. (We realized when we arrived @ Disney that Andy left all his snorkel equipment at home, oops) Mom & I hung out and relaxed, people watched and of course I was back & forth taking pictures.

We ate lunch, which is YUMMY over there! There was SO MUCH fresh fruit that was fantastic, all sorts of salads, burgers/hotdogs/chicken/ribs, fries, chips, ice cream, cookies, cake... YUMMO- It is one of our favorite meals, our kind of food!!

After lunch we headed over to the adult only beach, more on that later....

As soon as we're off the ship I'm snapping pictures.
I meant to go back and take some closer ones of the Black Pearl and forgot.

Beautiful ship! See the pirate ship on the side???

A photo op at every turn.

We arrive on Castaway and immediately start thinking that we must come back!
They were talking about a 4 night cruise next summer that is going to
go to Castaway twice. We knew we had to check it out!!
This place has to be what Heaven looks like!

Beautiful views....

Awwwww..... I love this guy-

The parents enjoying a dip in the warm, clear water.

There was a big ole fish swimming around in the water at the family beach. He was huge.
He's near the top left of the picture, can you see him?

While Mom is napping, Dad & Andy are looking at fish...
I am going to visit "The Big Guy"!!
Get out of my way kids, I want to see Mickey Mouse!

Our hermit crab friend. He was under my chair, so I put him up there to take a closer pic.
I think it's pretty cool!


Joanne said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so jealous looking at all these. I love the photo with the Black Pearl in the distance. Creepy! :)

Kerri said...

Love the new layout.

Castaway Cay is so fun - I wish I had one in my backyard.

Amber said...

More more more!

Traci said...

I really need to do this Disney Cruise. I really really do!