Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quick Disney Update

Ok, so here is the short version! Well, you know me ... as short as I can be for now.

Saturday - Arrived and checked out All Star Sports. We like it better than we thought we would. Cute decor, great pools, great food selection. Went to "The Crab House" for dinner, seafood buffet, thank you MISTY! Went to EPCOT for checking out refurbished Mexico ride (so disappointing) and Soarin'. (Which we still LOVE so much!)

Sunday - Breakfast with the whole gang and then Magic Kingdom. We rode a TON of stuff! It was hot, but not to the melting point yet. Perfect day. The crowds were not bad either, 20 minute lines were the longest. GREAT!! Here's a pic of me and the little one. More pics to come.

We went back for swim time and then returned to the Magic Kingdom for extra magic hours until the kiddos were too pooped to pop! Great day with friends!!

Monday - The gang spent the morning at the pool. They headed to downtown Disney and we headed to MGM for dinner @ Mama Melrose's and then met up with Kelley & Tom! Yay for friends!! Did some things at MGM that evening.

Tuesday - (friends left) Threw on a hat and headed to the Magic Kingdom. We rode a few things, including Splash Mountain... Where FINALLY Andy Lee got as SOAKED as I always do! He finally says "hey, I didn't know what the fuss was all about." Now... he DOES!! We returned for dry clothes and lunch, then hit the pool. Went to O'Hana for dinner, YUMMO! Our #1 fave place. And, for the record... don't knock the "new" menu until you've tried it. Sad the pineapple & caramel is gone, but have you actually tried the bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and hot caramel topping. HOLY CRAP!?! Went to EPCOT for extra magic, rode some stuff.

Wednesday - Slept L A T E .... I headed to the pool, where I spent FIVE hours!! Love hot weather, cool pool, ipod and good books! Andy played golf. He should be back soon and we're off to meet Amber for dinner.


There ya have it. Yay for all sorts of different friends to hang out with. Yay for short lines and no crowds. Yay for hot enough to swim, but not melting temps. Sad for only one full day left. Yay for already thinking of another summer weekend trip and looking forward to for sure trips back in September and October!!


Terry said...

well if ohana's has bread pudding, then I'm there!!!!

Joanne said...

Sounds like a great time! :)