Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ray Rocks

Finally, the Tanner's hit the town. If you know Andy, you know he HATES going to Atlanta. He refuses to go downtown for anything. Finally, after years of searching, I found a reason that he would go!!

We have been watching "Everybody Loves Raymond" now since the fall, non-stop! He got 3 seasons worth for Christmas and then 2 more for Easter. It's what we watch every single night. If we are out of DVDs, we watch it on TV. We're obsessed.

You can imagine my TOTAL EXCITEMENT when a few months back, while randomly surfing online (see it does pay off) I found that not only was Ray Ramano coming to Atlanta... Brad Garrett (who plays his brother Robert) was coming with him! Can it get any better? My parents were game for a night on the town and we were set! (Yeah see: Misty & Tracey... you missed it. I tried to tell you!!)

It was an AWESOME show! Opening for them was the guy that plays Ray's friend Giani on the show, surprise! Brad Garrett was awesome and honestly, my favorite. He was hilarious and I'd LOVE to see him again! Ray was a hoot as well, just a little more ... um...calm. (and wholesome) Ray brought home videos to prove just how "based on his life" the show really was, it was great. It was total stand up though, no talk of the show until the end. The all came out together and talked about the show, answered questions from the audience which was very neat and then showed some "unseen before" bloopers from the show. It was a perfect evening!!!


KristyNelson said...

Oh, how fun! Keith and I LOVE that show too...we say it is totally US!!! (Um, maybe I shouldn't admit that!) :) We have seasons on DVD too. So fun!! We've got to get together!! :)

Kerri said...

Glad that you had fun! I loved seeing the "Who's line" guys live I'm sure it was a blast.

yay for Andy for getting out on the town!