Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunday we were headed back to MGM when they opened, we were going to do all we could to get on Tower of Terror & Rockin' Rollercoaster. We hadn't done either one the past year or two for various reasons and were very excited! We got fast passes for Rockin' right off the bat, the time was already about 4 hours away. The wait (first thing that morning) had already gotten up to almost 2 hours!! We waited about 35 for Tower and it was worth it!! It'd been ages since we'd ridden and we had so much fun. It was the most drops we'd ever had with 6 and we laughed our heads off!!!

We did the Animation walk through and went to the animation drawing class twice. We drew Pluto the first time and Minnie the 2nd. We'd have went right back for a third, but were out of time before our lunch reservations. We really enjoyed that!! Oh we also had the Incredibles (the Mr. & Mrs., plus Frozone) all to ourselves for about 5-10 minutes and my camera battery had died. Ugh!!

Lunch at Mama Melrose's was FANTASTIC. Just walking in and smelling the air in that place can cause you to drool!! I had 4 cheese flatbread (super thin pizza) and it was great~ The lines were crazy long for everything else and we decided to go in the Great Movie Ride, again.... I had thought they stopped doing the cowboy part of the "show", we'd had the gangster hang with us the past dozen times we've ridden. It was fun to see the cowboy again on that trip through!!

We did the Walt walk through and since lines were over an hour for everything else, decided to return for a nap!!

We had dinner reservations @ Whispering Canyon @ The Wilderness Lodge. So after what seemed like part of the movie "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" where we rode "Bus, Monorail and Boat"....we were there!! We ordered the "skillet" meal for two. It came with BBQ ribs, pulled pork, roasted chicken, corn on the cobb, mashed taters, baked beans, cornbread and salad. (oh my!) It was great though and Andy even ordered a 2nd round of some items. It's a great fun place, but we were seated in the back right beside the fireplace. I have to say that after freezing for days...sitting by that warm fire...with a "too" full tummy...we were ready to call it a day right there!

We decided to brave it for a few more hours though, we caught a boat and headed to the Magic Kingdom. The park closed at midnight, add the extra magic hours and we could have stayed until 3:00 AM... Are you kidding me??? We knew we wouldn't make it that late! It was just as crowded as the other places had been (of course) and it was still freezing out there! We got fast passes for Buzz where we returned and I KICKED Andy's rump on that one!! It was the first time I beat him and that was exciting! We saw Carousel of Progress, rode the TTA, rode Snow White, Small World (both of which were about 15 was parade time and lines were down some...) and then caught a ride through the Haunted Mansion. By then lines were back up to "this is NUTZ" status and we decided to give it up!!


Joanne said...

Bus, Monorail and!! I hope the experience wasn't as crazy as the movie! I heart Whispering Canyon.

Terry said...

you can have a nice quiet breakfast at whispering canyon in the library area....