Thursday, September 07, 2006

Labor Day Weekend: What did you do? We weren't very exciting. I haven't had a major topic to ramble about in awhile, so I thought I'd go with a boring old summary of our holiday weekend!

I started mine off on Friday of course with errand day, what is more exciting than running errands and grocery shopping! Ugh-

Saturday we spent the afternoon with Andy's brother & sister in law eating lunch and at a health fair. It was there first time to Ted's Montana Grill and we LOVE that place! Andy had to pick up his race packet at the health fair, so off we went. There were all sorts of booths set up from sponsors, free stuff and sign ups. It was pretty big and a nice afternoon. We followed that with a trip to the movies to see "Invincible"! I totally recommend that movie to anyone!!! Who doesn't love a good & heart warming sport story? Markie Mark has come a long way since his singing days! It's a great story!! Plus I LOVE football and it's that season again! (And I missed watching the Dawgs lead the way to the first victory of the season! Though I did listen to my favorite radio voice, I LOVE Larry Munson!)

Sunday we skipped church (I know, I know, I know) in order to play golf. It was a nice morning and good to be out there. I hadn't played in about 5 months and taking off does NOTHING for your golf game! Yikes!! I didn't loose a single ball though and that's a good thing. I did knock the dickens out of a couple of trees though. I seriously need to get back into playing more again! We went to lunch, Mexican tends to be our Sunday regular. Then for some reason......Andy suggested we see "Snakes on a Plane". I'd wanted to see it, but he hates scary movies. (and hates snakes even more) I admit to keeping my eyes closed through half!! Wowie- Ick- But, it was good. Tons of suspense for sure! Samuel L. Jackson rocks! If you're not into creepy snakes and gory scenes....steer clear! Followed up with dinner at Longhorns, yummy!

Monday I was still in bed by the time Andy had ran the 10K Classic, shame on me! What support am I? He finished with the first 1,000 though out of 12,000. Not too bad, we don't know what number he was. He said it was fun and he's ready to run the half marathon next month on the Silver Comet Trail around here. We kept a low profile the rest of the day and were really pretty boring! We went for a late dinner at our new Steak and Shake, talk about excitement. ha-

Other reports: Our little friend, Emmy, who I talked about in a previous blog is doing well. She went for her first chemo treatment this week, in working to get rid of the rest of the tumor. She's going back to school as much as possible and being super strong! So far she isn't having side effects from the treatments. Continued prayers are appreciated!!

We've now wrapped up our 2nd week of school and I'm tired! It's fun to be back, but not easy to get into the routine after a lazy sumer! The kids are sweeties, though younger than any group I've ever had before. It's taking some adjustment on my part. I love them dearly though and there is never a dull moment for sure!

That's about it, all I've got- I'll try to do better next time!


Traci said...

Your weekend doesn't sound so boring to me. You guys always seem to have something to do.