Friday, August 11, 2006

Back from the Lake!!

Yeah, you know you missed us! Here we go....things we know to be fact.

#1- 5 Nights is long enough for me to be in the woods!
(even in my nice camper)

#2- Andy turns red in the sun, doesn't matter how much sunscreen he wears.

#3- Not all camping people are friendly, wonderfu
l, down home folk.
(our neighbors this time were the most odd group of folks ever!!)

#4- Not everyone is back in school yet!!

(it was more crowded than I thought it would be, but NOTHING like during the
rest of the summer!)

#5- If you stay for a week at the lake, it will rain at least 2 afternoo
ns for a little while

#6- Naps are a must for those who camp

#7- You can never have too many board games with you!

#8- You are going to need to go to the store at some point for things your f

#9- When they decide to cut dow
n trees at the neighboring camp spots, you will be woken up by saws, bull dozers and crashing!

#10-You can count on being e
ntertained by critters while your in the woods!!

Now on with the show-

Yes, it's a wimpy fire that
night. But... it did the job with marshmallows and really..what other reason is there for a campfire in August?

Here are just one
set of the tacky lights that are a must if you own a camper. The other
set is mixed with bugs & flowers. We used those last time, it was time for the fish to return!!

Here is the view from the camper. That's Allatoona Landing across the water, where my parents boat is. (And the cabin that they use to own)

Just one of our furry little friends. HEY- Wait a minute is that Sponge Bob Mac N Cheese he's eating?? Yep, it is!! It was so darn
funny. He got in the trash (ok, not funny for Andy) and took out one piece at a time to nibble on beside the camper. I thought he was precious. Andy would try to scare him away and he'd just stare, he wasn't afraid one bit. We also had ants in our sugar container (yikes, oh the joys of camping) and Andy dumped it out in the woods nearby. He got into the sugar and was wired, it was HILARIOUS!! He was flipping around on a limb and jumping back and forth between 2 trees!! He also worked very hard on a nest and was sooo interesting to watch. He would break limbs off of this bushy tree down low (the same spot each time), then run up the same path of branches to a high pine tree and add it to his nest...then repeat the process. We watched it for awhile several nights. Amazing how God's creatures work!!

There were also oodles of deer of course! There always are up there. Of course, this is the only time that a camera was handy. I took it with me on a few of our walks at night and would never see them when I had the camera with me. Now...if I left it back, we'd run up on herds of them! One night we saw 3 babies together, really young with spots still...awesome! Then driving back one night we were so close to 2 by the road that I thought the rear view mirror was going to hit them. They aren't scared of people at all up there!!

It was fun as always. Mom & Dad came up 2 different days for swimming and riding around in the boat. There were not NEAR as many boats up there as during the rest of the summer or on the weekends. was still more people than I expected now that most of the schools around us are back in. We had good old fashion thunderstorms a few afternoons, perfect napping weather! We played in the water so much that my arms & legs are super sore! (Guess that's a good thing) We walked around, alot! We had great food on the grill of course! We played oodles of card & board games, always fun. I took along the personal DVD player and watched more episodes of "Gilmore Girls" than I care to admit!! (almost 2 whole seasons worth) Andy watched "Andy Griffith" when he could get the thing outta my hands. I read books while laying on a float in the water and holding a cup of diet coke. (It's a talent, I tell ya!!) We only battled ants twice in the camper, hey... coulda been worse. We watched them cut down some trees that were eaten by pine beetles and it's was quite amazing how fast they were at it! Andy fished, but only caught little bitty guys! We watched the lake become like a highway on Tuesday night for the 7:00 Bass Tournament!! It got super crowded that night!! We ran to Ingles once and didn't make it to visit Farmer Produce Man at all, strange enough!! It's always great to be away from it all, but 5 nights was away enough!! We both agreed that we were ready for the luxury of home again! So, there ya have it.....that's all I got-

I'll be at the beach with Mom next week....stories & pics to follow!

And hey...yall did good with the survey too!! I stole it from Katie, she used it as a myspace bulletin, I know yall would appreciate a good survey.


Kristy Nelson said...

Girl, I was wondering where you were?? I have to admit...I missed your blogs! Where did you guys go camping? I live right by Lake Allatoona. I could have visited (if you were close). Next time. You are all about traveling...I'm jealous! Have fun at the beach!!! :) I'll be ready for stories/pictures.

Kingmsmn67 said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun time

monica said...

Kristy, I wasn't even thinking about that. We sure shoulda invited you! We were at Allatoona, McKinney campground. It's our favorite! When things calm down (and the school routine started) we have to get together one day soon!!

Traci said...

Looks like a good time was had Monica. Enjoy the beach!

Amber said...

Nice 'nerds' pillow!

RaLelle said...

Sounds like you had fun!! Thanks for the pictures....I especially like the squirrel ones. :)