Sunday, January 20, 2008


So the thing that has been going through my head this week as we've had snow twice, is the song from "White Christmas"...

It won't be long before we'll all be there with snow
I want to wash my hands, my face and hair with snow

It's not a common thing for us here in Georgia to see pretty snow. Matter of fact, I think it's been two years this time since we've seen it last. We had "the big blizzard of '93" and haven't seen deep pretty snow since. We typically get sleet, ice, mush and a few flakes to turn it white. Wednesday night of this week it started snowing in the late afternoon and we had the biggest snowflakes I'd ever seen in my entire life. They were constant, heavy and huge. Most of them were quarter and half dollar size, but there were tons that were as big as my hand. Craziness. It was gorgeous as it came down and covered. The picture at the right is just off the front porch and towards the neighbors house.

Gizmo can't stand snow, he hates to get his feet wet even in the rain! The big girls really didn't care one way or another since it was late afternoon, early evening. The only one it truly bothered was Kitty Witty who goes outside every night. He wanted desperately to be out there, but didn't want to get in the snow. It was hilarious! He tip toed around the porch looking for a way to get down, without getting his feet in it. He ended up coming back, but refused to come inside. After several minutes, this is how I left him out there. I'm not sure how long he sat under the bench, but when I went back about 15 minutes later he was off and gone. Silly cat!!

Naturally, although we had about an inch on our porch and ground .. it didn't stick and stay on the roads and we didn't get a snow day from it on Thursday. What we did get at preschool were classrooms full of "snow hyper" kids! I've never seen such, they were beside themselves. It was the first time that most of them had ever seen snow, if was amazing to see how excited they were though and I was thrilled for them.

Saturday, it was back. Weather Channel was showing 100% chance of snow for the Atlanta area, we sure don't hear that alot! We had plans for having our picture made with a photographer on the Marietta Square that afternoon, we had to reschedule. It started that morning early with tons of sleet, then eventually it all turned to snow. It snowed for hours, steadily. It wasn't as hard, nor the snowflakes as huge as they were previously this week. It still covered everything and made for a snuggly day inside.

Andy played outside with the girls, I was wimpy and stayed in! Typically I like to get out there and play, aka: find opportunities to take good pictures. Not this year, I was content to stay inside nice and warm and dry! They came up on the deck for me to TRY to take a picture of them. All they wanted was to smooch Andy in the face and I have about 25 pictures of it all, hilarious. No good pictures, but this one will have to do. He's saying "quit, quit, quit, quit, quit".....

We spent the day inside being warm and lazy, it was a great day!