Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bird's Eye:

I have wanted to take the helicopter tour over Disney now for years. We decided that this was the trip, we were going to make it happen. Early in the week we went to check it out, it was just down from where we stayed off property. It wasn't as bad as we thought, but we wanted a pretty clear day. Thankfully, the day we left it was perfect!

They let you purchase a CD of pictures that they take of you. Obviously, I paid $20 for a CD of pictures that has limitations. I can't upload them here, no matter what I try. I will see if I can post them for some of you elsewhere later. ;) Anyhow, they are of me up front with the pilot and Andy in the back. Us in front of the helicopter together and taking off. They took about 25 pictures and it was really neat. I just didn't realize I couldn't do things with them. Hopefully they will print?!

Moving along....

We have flown in two helicopters before, once over Niagra Falls & once in Gatlinburg, TN. Both times were fantastic. We are continually amazed at how smooth and easy flying in a helicopter is compared to a plane. No comparing the two. This was by far the smallest that we've flown in, it felt like there was NOTHING between you and the world. It was unreal!! Amazingly, I don't get motion sick when flying. I later told Andy I would have been afraid to cough, I thought I'd shake the thing right out of the sky. We wore headphones though and our pilot told us all about what we were seeing, where we were, etc.. He was great!

It was a 20 minute flight and way, way too short! It's always over so fast, every time. Andy flew to North Georgia from work in a Black Hawk, he had a long flight and was just as amazed from that big ole thing!

Anyhow... I took a TON of photos and Andy took videos. It's pretty neat to watch. Here are some of the highlights though. They aren't the best or the worse, just some of everything. I took a ton over each land mark, park, resort, we saw most everywhere on property. (most of the resorts) We could only get about 3 miles from the Magic Kingdom though, seems they changed some things with their flight space after 911.

It was a dream come true for sure! It was worth every penny of saving money during the week so that we'd be able to pay for this. I recommend that if you don't try it there, sometime in your life.. take a helicopter ride. You'll be glad you did!!


Typhoon Lagoon

Sea World's new water park, opening in the spring.
Sea World

Pop Century. If it's zoomed and enlarged, you can tell. Funny b/c we'd just left there.

MGM...look close, you recognize it.

Wanta guess? Yep, EPCOT

Directly over Downtown Disney, that's the world of Disney there in the middle.

Discovery Cove

About 3 miles from the Magic Kingdom. It's as close as we were allowed. You can see the castle in the middle, space mountain to the right & then Contemporary.

Making a big turn near All Star Sports.... here we goooooo-----