Friday, August 10, 2007

Ants: Hate 'em!
It's been the summer of ants for the Tanners! The summer started with a drought and everyone around here swears they come inside looking for water. In June they were in the kitchen around the back door & windows, after Gizmo's dog food and under the sink counter. I killed, sprayed, cleaned, killed, sprayed, cleaned, for days on end in the same places. They were in the basement by the back door, getting in "the girls" food inside & out and in the basement.

July rolls in and they are in the bathrooms! They're in the sink, on the mirror, the walls, the shower, around the closet, everywhere. It's usually a few here and there in the bathrooms though, not in little marching lines like before.

We go camping and they are everywhere in the camper! They were NOT there before we left when we did a BIG cleaning, but by the time we arrive at the campground ... sure enough there they are! Already in full swing inside, so odd!! They show up randomly on the floor, wall, etc... We had to go buy more ant spray and clean, clean, clean!!

We return home to the rain of summer. For the rest of July it rains, rains, rains! Guess what? No ants!! Praise the Lord!!

Then August comes bounding in without a drop of rain and temperatures in the 100's!! You better believe it, the ants are back! They're in the laundry room downstairs, in the kitchen in the cabinet over the stove and one day in the dishwasher! They're back randomly in the bathrooms.

Today, I find TONS of them already dead around the kitchen windows and floor. I am sure Andy has sprayed them in the morning, but no. Turns out they must have come in and found residue from previous sprayings and it killed them on the spot. Then I found a few in the microwave, are you kidding me???? (and no, it was clean, not a crumb was in there) They were also in my potholder drawer today, ugh!!!

At least I have the cleanest kitchen & bathrooms in town from the constant cleaning! I will, for the first time ever, welcome cooler weather and the end of ant season!


Joanne said...

I sympathize with you. We had a horrible ant problem in my condo building a few ears ago. Awful!

Kingmsmn67 said...

Orkin...........I get them on the deck from time to time but thankfully have never had them in the house

monica said...

Ugh!! It got worse! We found them in another place tonight, over the top cabinets in the kitchen. Ended up pulling everything out of our kitchen to clean yet again. Pulled the appliances out and everything. Yeesh-

Amber said...


But I'm not judging - we have bugs too. I blame it on the Florida weather though, and not my cleaning. I hope I'm right! ;0)

Terry said...

well we've never had a case of ants in FL, untill we were leaving the keys and they were in the motor home....little teeny tiny ones. By time we got back to our little house, they had disapeared...go figure!