Saturday, March 05, 2011

What's on your DVR?

I'm just curious, flipping through my own, what is on your DVR? So, chime in to comment and let me know. Here's what's on ours right this minute:

Sweet Home Alabama - free Starz, a favorite movie
Monsters, Inc. - free Starz
Imagination Movers - (5 episodes currently, it varies as we save and watch a few times & delete)
Confessions of a Shopaholic - free Starz
Yo, Gabba, Gabba - 6 episodes (varies according to what we save, watch, delete)
The Proposal - free Starz
Sesame Street - 52 episodes (all of which have been watched oodles of times each, oodles and oodles)
Best Places - About Disney
Dear John - free Starz
Disney Holiday Magic
Disney cruise line
Walt Disney World Resort
Samantha Brown's Disney
Disney on a Dime (all of these have been saved for years, we watch them over and over ;)
Something to Talk About - commercials and all, a true favorite been saved since we got the DVR

Here is what is usually on there until I watch it and delete it.

Days of our Lives
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Army Wives
Brothers & Sisters
Teen Mom &/or Teen Mom 2
16 and Pregnant

What use to be on there that I deleted from the schedule:
Survivor (this was the first season I let it go)
Bachelor (over it)
Biggest Looser (I just don't have time to keep up with it too)


Holly said...

Oh lord. I have 2 DVrs that I record crap on regular like. We dont save anything forever, we don't have enough room. If you really want to know:
Sunday- amazing race, desperate housewives, brothers and sisters
Monday: bachelor, castle
Tuesday: um... American idol? Is that Tuesday? Glee, parenthood
Wednesday: this is my big day... Survivor, Modern family, better with you, the middle, some other half hour thing, off the map, both criminal minds, American idol? Can you tell idol is last on my list?
Thursday- big bang theory, csi, greys anatomy, um... Seems like there's something else, is it idol? Lol.
Friday - csi new York is I think the only thing. But I watch my whole week of days of our lives on the soap channel on Fridays.
I don't think we record anything on Saturday's.
There ya go. I also record the reruns of las Vegas on my bedroom Dvr everyday and watch them before I sleep.

Amber said...

I got free Starz last weekend too. I recorded EVERYTHING!!! Seriously, it was working in overdrive.

I watched Dear John the other day. I really liked it. It was different.

ruth said... countessa episodes
ancient aliens
csi miami
real housewives of oc or whatever city they are exploiting
top gear

RaLelle said...

Castle, Parenthood, Drew Carey's Improv-a-ganza, Fringe, Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Glee, Saturday Night Live (depending on who's hosting), Ghost Adventures