Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sunday, Day 1 @ Sea:

We ended up sleeping relatively late. Sleeping late for Andy usually means he forced himself to stay in bed until 6:00 or 6:30, this morning it meant 8:30!! The thing with cruise ships is this.. You have a balcony room or window room and the sun in shinning through bright and early at 6:30, you can’t sleep through it. Or.. You are like us on this trip and have an inside room, no light, no clock, not a sliver of shine coming under your door. You are totally oblivious to any time and can sleep through a day without ever knowing it. (Andy was convinced his watch had stopped when he woke up and saw what time it was, he was confused!)

We headed to breakfast for a funny, crazy surprise.

We walked to a line and got right behind a gentleman, who turned around… and… was a very good friend from church! Mr. & Mrs. Dodgen were Sunday School teachers, Bible Study leaders, camp counselors and so on for us growing up. They have two sons, one close to Andy’s age and one close to mine. We’ve known them our entire lives and here they were. Same ship, same cruise, same breakfast! Hilarious. We caught up while in line and exchanged room numbers in plans for getting together again this week. Life is funny!!!!

We spent most of the day on the 11th sports sundeck, enjoying the warm sunshine and (knock ya down hurricane style) breeze blowing! It was a beautiful day, couldn’t have asked for better. We got a little sun, I read an entire book and we took a break for lunch only to return to sunning ourselves like lizards. We did make it to the “Newlywed and not so Newlywed Game” this late afternoon, always a hoot!

I got online a few minutes (though blogger wouldn’t come up so this will be posted later) and Andy went to run, what an over achiever! LOL…. We’re going to be lazy until time to get ready for our before dinner snack (you have to eat something when you wait until 8:30 for dinner). It’s formal night, though we’re on the “not so formal” side of things. Lobster to be eaten and then shows to be seen!

Inevitable picture of towel animals, you have to take these!?! I can't remember if we had an elephant before or not? We liked him though, we also had a frog. We'd never had a frog for sure!